It’s about freedom.

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  TiVodoes its thing,
so you can do yours.
Choose your TiVo® box + service plan.

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It’s about freedom.

It’s about time – and choice. With the amazing TiVo features always working for you, you’ll never miss your favorite shows again, no matter how busy life gets.

Season Pass™ recordings – Get every episode of your favorite shows, even if the schedule changes – minus the repeats!
WishList® searches – Got a favorite actor? A special interest or hobby? TiVo will comb the TV listings for you to find and record the shows that match your interests.
TiVo® KidZone – Make TV safe for the whole family. Parent-approved, fun for kids. Now included at no additional cost to you.

Coming Up:

Next week we’ll get into how amazing the TiVo service truly is, with features like Online Scheduling, TiVoToGo™ transfers and more.

“TiVo lets us watch television how we want to.”

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