$200 TiVo Series3 rebate now available, and TiVo Father’s day specials

TiVo is running a Father’s Day promotion at TiVo.com/dad with deals on the Series3 and Series2DT. You can save $200 on a Series3 – $800 for a Series3 with a $200 Service Gift Card or $900 for a Series3 with a $300 Service Gift Card. The Series3 is normally $800 by itself. You can also save $150 on the Series2DT, both 80- and 180-hour models. 80-hour $300 or $400 with the same service options, 180-hour $400 or $500. Or you can get a bundle of a 180-hour S2DT, TiVo WiFi adapter, and Glo Remote for $459 or $559.

However, I would have to recommend a better deal on the Series3.

As I posted the other day, there is a $200 rebate on any Series3 purchased between May 27 and June 16, 2007. Amazon now has the rebate form up (PDF), and it is the same as the previously posted copy at DVRUpgrade.com (PDF). It has not shown up yet on the TiVo rebates page, but it is a holiday weekend, and it only went into effect today.

Amazon.com did not raise their price after all – they’re selling the S3 for $606.95, $406.95 AFTER REBATE! That’s an incredible deal! By far the lowest I’ve ever seen the S3 sell for. The previous best was when Dell sold them for $510.98. If you look around there are a couple of places selling them for around the same price as Amazon, maybe a couple of bucks less, but you know you can rely on Amazon – and they’re offering FREE Super Saver shipping.

If you want to buy a Series3 with expanded storage, check out DVRupgrade’s Series3 page. The stock S3 has 250GB – they have 400GB @ $699, 500GB @ $1,049, 750GB @ $1,249, and 1TB @ $1,399. All before the $200 rebate. WeaKnees.com also sells expanded units. (They have a 1TB box, but it is hidden.) Pricing is the same, but purchasing from DVRupgrade via the link supports the site.

If you’re going to connect the TiVo wirelessly, don’t forget the TiVo Wireless G USB Network Adapter. And, if you’re giving it as a gift, you can also pick up TiVo Service Gift Cards.

As always, when you active your new TiVo, the TiVo Rewards referral is appreciated. If you’ve been waiting to pick up a Series3, now is the time!

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