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My TiVo gets me… a letter from the editor

TiVo subscribers are like family. We tend to get each other because we all “get TiVo.” Everyone’s reason “why,” however, is usually as unique as they are. Which means there are millions of them.

So, we’ve launched a new ad campaign to capture some of the stories that explain why TiVo has so much personal meaning to someone like Grandma, this (really cute, by the way) baseball fanatic, a sizeable guy named Larry, and even an infamous movie critic. And, just for fun, we created an online destination to celebrate the diversity of our “little” family with the hopes that you, too, will add yourself (and everyone in your household) to our ever-growing community by sharing your story and uploading a photo. You’ll also get to try on and custom-design your very own pair of antenna. (It’s a bit weird how “normal” they seem to look on everyone.)

While you’re there, be sure to browse the other profiles to learn why one subscriber can’t stop loving the new Amazon Unbox on TiVo feature while yet another, even five years later, is still spellbound by his WishList search for indie-actress Parker Posey.

We know you get it: It’s not a revolution. It’s a TiVolution. Here’s your special invitation to join us at MyTiVoGetsMe.com. Can’t wait to see what your antenna look like so I can publish my favorites in the next newsletter.

Hope you like mine,

P.S. Yes, that is The Gene Shalit. Don’t miss your chance to get one of your videos in front of him and millions of other TiVo subscribers!

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My TiVo gets me… baseball, baseball, baseball!Not just your favorite nightly wrap-up show. Not just every game, all season long. Your TiVo service will even catch big, Hollywood movies—new and old—featuring your favorite pastime, including Angels in the Outfield, The Natural, and when TV listings are especially good, even The Bad News Bears. Here’s how to make sure it’s always your call:

• From Find Programs, select Create a WishList® search
• Select Keyword
• Spell BASEBALL (or whatever your favorite sport) using the arrow keys on the remote
• Select done, when finished
• Choose “Movies” as a category, then “View upcoming episodes” to see what hit
• Schedule recordings as inspired
You can also watch this short video tutorial.

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My TiVo gets me… an opportunity to share my thoughtsNot to get all Willy Wonka on you, but if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area (particularly South Bay), you could come to TiVo headquarters, try out new products in development, and then give us your opinion on what you love and what you don’t in the magical realm of everlasting TiVo service.

But instead of throwing you in a glass elevator when it’s all over and dropping the bomb that you now have a candy empire to manage, we’ll just give you some money for your time and call it another scrumdidiliumptious day with a smart TiVo subscriber who is helping shape the future of television. Apply now. No golden ticket required.

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Discovery 640 Bluetooth Headset

Point Value: 12,500

Here’s a brand-new TiVo Rewards item you can start talking up…

Need to remind some friends they need a TiVo® box of their own? Send one of these postcards and maybe you’ll score some TiVo Rewardsâ„¢ points while you’re at it.
My TiVo gets me… Johnny Depp

At least for many of you… or that’s what the current Favorite Actor TiVo WishList ranking tells us, anyway. While everyone loves a flamboyant pirate (Argh!), there’s still more talented bodies of work to be discovered out there in the boundless sea of your television listings… if you dare.

• From Find Programs, select Create an WishList® search
• Select Actor, and use the arrow keys on the remote to spell the last name of your favorite actor
• Highlight and select the correct name
• Select “Auto-record each episode”
• Then watch as a treasure trove of movies, interviews, and behind-the-scenes documentaries starts appearing on a Now Playing List near you.

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My TiVo gets me… an extra “bye-bye!”David P. from Houston, TX greeted us with this TiVo tale:

“One morning, when I was walking out the door to leave for work, I said my usual goodbyes to the family: ‘Bye Mommy, ‘bye Mason (my older son), ‘bye Evan (younger son), ‘bye Indy (our dog), ‘bye Buddy (Mason’s stuffed dog that goes everywhere with us).’

Dissatisfied with the shortlist, Mason, our now four-year-old son, followed up with, ‘But Daddy, what about TiVo?’

So, now my morning goodbyes sound like this: ”Bye Mommy, ‘bye Mason, ‘bye Evan, ‘bye Indy, ‘bye Buddy, ‘bye TiVo!’

We’re a TiVo family!

P.S. Any time someone asks us about TiVo, we tell them it’s the best thing in the world… that if we had to pick between TiVo and air conditioning, it would be tough (and we live in Texas).”

No, we don’t make this stuff up. You send us a story or photo of your favorite TiVo moment and we make a RECORD of it—from TiVo birthday cakes to TiVo tattoos to TiVo what-have-you.

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My TiVo gets me… all the season finales To everything, there is a season and in the world of TV, May means season finales. You’ll bid a final farewell to the long-running family favorite, 7th Heaven and join your favorite “Office” cube-mates on a trip to the beach. Ugly Betty fans can expect a number of celebrity guest-stars, including legendary actress Rita Moreno as the Suarez’s Aunt Mirta.

5/6Cold Case 5/17CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
5/8The Unit 5/18Numb3rs
5/11Ghost Whisperer
Close to Home
5/14CSI: Miami 5/23Lost
5/16Criminal Minds

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