Upgrade to TiVo HD, get product lifetime

TiVo is promoting the Series3 VIP upgrade, which expires on 1/31

For a limited time, when you purchase a Series3 HD box, you can transfer your
product lifetime service from a Series1â„¢ or Series2â„¢ box for only $199. Plus, we’ll
keep the TiVo service activated on your existing TiVo box for another 12 months at
no charge. That means no monthly bills for the life of your new product. But hurry!
You must buy the Series3 HD box before January 31, 2007 to qualify.

TiVo® Series3™ HD Digital Media Recorder

  • World’s only DVR with THX® certification
  • Control live HDTV and record 2 shows at once*
  • 300 hours of standard recording time or up to 32 in HD
  • Backlit programmable TiVo remote control

*Record from two basic cable channels, or one basic cable and one digital cable channel, at once. Does
not support recording from two digital cable or satellite channels at once. Supports recording from cable
and satellite sources only; does not support recording from over-the-air antenna.

©2007 TiVo Inc. The TiVo logo, TiVo, Series2, and Series3 are registered trademarks or trademarks of TiVo Inc.
worldwide.TiVo Inc. 2160 Gold Street Alviso, CA 95002-2160. All rights reserved. Please feel free to
review our Privacy Policy.

Unfortunately, someone at TiVo made a big mistake on this email. Note the asterisk. That’s the disclaimer info for the Series2DT and *not* the Series3! The Series3 records from any two sources – be it analog cable, digital cable, NTSC antenna and ATSC antenna. (Presuming you have CableCARDs for the digital cable.) And the Series3 doesn’t support satellite at all. So that disclaimer is triply misleading – it makes it sound like the S3 supports satellite (it doesn’t), doesn’t support antenna (it does), and can’t record two digital cable programs at once (it can).

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  • mhaithaca

    Yeah, I sent a note back to ask if someone grabbed the wrong boilerplate.

  • megazone

    I sent it to someone at TiVo as well, and they said they’ll look into it. I just wanted to make sure people were aware that it is an error before it gets spread around too widely.

  • zeigen

    Whoops. Thanks for alerting us. A few people sent this to me as well. I spoke with the people involved, and yes, it was a matter of the wrong boilerplate being used (even though the correct boilerplate had been in place for the version that went out for review). We’re working to correct the procedures. Sorry for the confusion.

  • megazone

    No problem, these things happen. :-)

  • pabell

    That was going to be my post for the morning I got 2 Emails about this and the *Satellite portion got my hopes up… But now its Shot down again :( oh well.