University of Nebraska-Lincoln survey on TiVo Suggestions

I picked this up in the newsgroup:

Do you use “TiVo Suggestions?”If your answer is YES, we would like to invite you to spend 10 minutes doing an online survey at:

For each completed survey, we will write a check of $5 to yourself or the charity you designate. (If you decline the payment, just disregard that question)

We appreciate your help!

(We are two academic researchers at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We DO NOT represent any commercial interest. For more details, contact Daniel by email: a… or phone: 402-472-3384)

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  • klia

    Interesting survey. Maybe it’s just me, but they didn’t seem to tailor the questions to TiVo very well; they didn’t seem to understand exactly what TiVo Suggestions (“recommendations,” in their verbiage) were.

  • stile99

    It looked like a general survey, with perhaps only names changed. For instance, when I tell TiVo to record a show, I’m not really purchasing anything. It could just have easily been a survey for Amazon or NetFlix or iTunes…which I think was the point. Rather than a survey for each of the four, a boilerplate was developed. I don’t think the lack of fine tuning will change the results in any way.

  • klia

    I agree, it looked very general. I do think the results will be a bit skewed, though; since several of the questions basically didn’t apply, how could the answers be very helpful or enlightening?