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Just before CES the Slingbox showed up for sale on During CES I had a mildly embarrassing moment when I told this to someone in the Sling Media booth and we checked the site – and the Slingbox wasn’t there. It looks like TiVo has pulled the Slingbox off their store, it used to be under Tivo gear -> TiVo accessories. I wonder what happened, I think it was the perfect companion for TiVo.

The other change I’ve just noticed – the Series2 TiVo is no longer available new. Only the Series2DT and Series3 are being offered today. You can still find refurbished Series2 units, and Humax DRT400s, under the Web Specials. This isn’t surprising, the S2 has been expected to be phased out once existing stocks were sold, replaced by the S2DT.

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  • susandennis

    Ok, I guess I feel asleep. And I can’t spot it on the Tivo website. What’s the difference between the Series@ and the Series2DT?

  • megazone

    The Series2 has a single tuner and it handles antenna, cable, or satellite.

    The Series2DT has dual-tuners but it only handles cable or satellite, no more antenna support. It also has a built-in Ethernet port, twice the RAM of the S2, and is generally peppier.

  • susandennis

    Ah, yes… Ok, I do remember the dual tuner bit but kind of glossed over the rest. It didn’t stick because my work-arounds are all working. I use muliple TiVos for multiple tuners and wireless connection and I’m too old to need much pep :)

    Thanks for the clarificaion!