Customers miffed over DirecTV with TiVo problems

Customers of DirecTV with TiVo have been blanketing the satellite provider’s online user forums with complaints of a malfunction in the DVR service.

Complaints of the problem first surfaced in early December, but DirecTV spokesman Robert Mercer said Friday he didn’t know the exact cause of the glitch. The company “is aware of the problem and should have it fixed by this evening,” Mercer said.

Well, it has only taken a month, but they claim they have the problem fixed as of this evening. We’ll see – leave a comment if you have a DirecTiVo and you see it is fixed – or not.

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  • snippy

    I have a DirecTV Tivo. It’s too soon to tell whether it’s fixed, because I manually picked up the missed shows every few days. I did notice it had called in yesterday because the 30-second skip had to be reprogrammed, but that’s been happening every few days ever since mid-December.

  • snowboardjoe

    My routine of rebooting and then forcing a call has been keeping my season passes functional. Last time was Friday night I think. Will stop doing that and see if the problem comes back. I hope they nailed the problem.

  • thedrought

    weird. one person mentioned having problems with the HNS unit. I have that unit and haven’t had any problems (that I know of).

    I will have to keep a close eye in my HNS.

    though I wouldn’t put anything passed that crappy R15 (we have it in the office and I absolutely hate the user interface). I’m going to have to figure out how the R15 works and try to program it to see if we get the same problems in the office.

  • allyson13

    I’m totally miffed right now.

    Missed ER ‘coz the TiVo didn’t pick it up.


  • shadoh

    Too soon to tell at this point. I experienced the issue, but forcing a call eventually fixes it for me, for a limited amount of time. I first experienced it a couple of weeks ago. The forced-call fix got it going for about two days before it broke again. I forced the call again, and it has been okay since then. I hope the bastards finally did fix it. I’m still watching my To Do list like a hawk. :)

  • backburner

    One more reason to hack your directivo.

    I did, and I’m pretty happy with the results.