Comments on TiVoToGo on MacOS

TiVo’s Director of TiVoCast Operations, E. Stephen Mack, posted an entry in his blog about the troubles with TiVoToGo on MacOS.

On a semi-related note, I’m in Las Vegas. I’ll be here all week for CES, and I’ll be posting whatever TiVo & DVR news I encounter.

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  • banzai

    I’m so glad Wired made the vaporware pronouncement—honestly, we’ve been waiting a lot longer than mid-2006 for this release. Though there’d be an occasional mention here and there (the Denney letter serving as a great example of good, honest communication we wish we’d had sooner), there was so much dead air from TiVo for so long that the non-committal silence became as frustrating as the vaporware itself.

    Wired’s listing publicly called out the elephant in the room, and that’s a good thing for the process of moving forward—blogs like Mack’s can actually talk about it. Mac users also find ourselves in a happier place now that we no longer need to wait for a TiVo-branded solution to get this function. With iTV just around the corner, it’s a good time to let the healing begin.

  • ninaf

    I’m jealous. Vegas is a good three days of fun.

  • megazone

    Vegas always makes me feel a bit weird – it is just so over the top. I’m not into gambling, so I don’t spend a lot of time in the casinos, but I do like the town. :-)

  • ninaf

    Way over the top which is why three days is the max time needed… :)

    I like Vegas for the food and shopping. Girls, we are nuts.

  • unteins

    I commented over on the blog entry. There is also a blog entry on TUAW which references the comments from the VP of Lying and Disinformation (which incidentally reads as if it were farmed out to an outsourcing company in India, the grammar is pretty poor from sentence one).

    I applaud E. Stephen Mack for blogging, but he sounds like any other corporate executive making lame excuses instead of saying “Wow, what a mess, you are all right, we suck and quite frankly, we owe you guys some money back, here’s how to get a refund.”

  • megazone

    I’ve met Stephen, he’s a good guy. It isn’t like he has the power to do that – he’s in charge of TiVoCast now. It’d be like me, as Director of IT, telling people they can get money back from my employer. All that would do is probably get me fired.

    Stephen was formerly Director of Service Operations at TiVo, and he would bend over backwards to help TiVo users out who had a bad experience with customer support. He was, and is, one of the TiVo people active at and even now, since his move to TiVoCast, he still goes out of his way to help people and to correct issues in customer service.

    So he’s not the kind of person who just sweeps things under the rug.

  • unteins

    But as you pointed out, he does have to toe the line on corporate issues and this debacle is one of those things. I didn’t mean that he was a bad guy or that he prefers to sweep this under the rug. I am sure if he had his way he probably would land a lot closer to what I’d love to hear him say.

    My point was meant to be that Tivo as a company is still making excuses instead of coming clean and saying here’s what we have actually done, and yes, it wasn’t very much and if you’re a Mac owner, we owe you, because you maintained your Tivo service based on our promises and we didn’t deliver.