TiVo.com selling Slingbox AVs

I picked this up from ZatzNotFunny. TiVo.com is now selling the Slingbox AV. Just the AV – doesn’t look like they have the Pro or Tuner models, but it is a start. Dave checked in with Sling and they say it is a “co-sales agreement” – so maybe we’ll see TiVo’s for sale on SlingMedia.com. A lot of people combine the TiVo and Slingbox, so this makes sense. I, and others, have said for a while that the two companies should partner and sell bundles and integrate their products more tightly.

I haven’t jumped on the Sling bandwagon myself just yet – I’m really waiting for the PalmOS client to be released. Once that’s out, I won’t really have an excuse not to get a Slingbox Pro to go with my Series3. :-) Though, if they’d release the long-rumored ‘Sling Catcher’ box to use as a client on other TVs, that’d sell me too. I’d use one in the bedroom instead of a TiVo, especially since the S3 doesn’t do MRV.

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  • pradagirl

    I’ve been thinking about getting one since I’m going back to work.
    Apparently its all the rage among Flight Crews.

  • megazone

    I can see why – being away from home all the time it is a good way to keep up with shows at home.

  • pradagirl

    I haad never head of it until someone posted a thread on the Flight Attendant messageboard.
    I think I’m going to go with the “Pro”.

  • tuffghost

    they need to sell a “TiVo Satallite”
    no drive, no subcription, no DVR – just MRV from your subscribed tivo.
    $40-60? I’d do it, no hesitation.

  • megazone

    To do MRV you need a drive – or at least a few GB of RAM, probably cheaper to use a drive.

  • tuffghost

    yeah, i thought about that…. maybe just a small drive then! something really affordable.

    or they should make networked tivos share the same to-do list, and record overlapped shows from the other box