TiVo extends Series3 lifetime transfer offer

TiVo has extended the lifetime transfer offer. Now you can purchase the Series3 on or before 01/31/2007 and activate it by 03/02/2007. So if you were debating it and didn’t buy before the end of the year, you have another month. Updated details at: http://www.tivo.com/vip

EDIT: Of course, right after I posted I saw this post at WeaKnees Blog. It looks like the lifetime transfers from DirecTiVo boxes are once again NOT allowed. So the door has closed on those.

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  • unteins


    Most lifetime owners didn’t upgrade and the Series 3 revenue stream is looking shaky.

    Maybe if they offer a $300 rebate or something….maybe

  • megazone

    From what I’ve heard, S3 sales have been meeting expectations. I think it is more about pumping up the numbers for the quarter – remember their financial quarter runs November-January. By extending this through the end of January they run it for the entire quarter and can pump up sales figures before the next report.

  • stile99

    I got one of the crappy slow S2′s. Yeah, I know. Just my luck. It has lifetime, and a single tuner. For the most part, the single tuner isn’t much of an issue, though a second one would be ‘nice’. I couldn’t possibly care less about HD.

    I know somewhere I can get an S3 that is not far from my price point. (Not revealing this source yet, but smart shoppers can find it so easily). So I start walking down the mental path of “Do I continue to throw my lot in with this slow box with only one tuner, when at some point in the future I might really really want a second tuner (likely) or give a flip about HD (bloody unlikely), or do I grab at what is absolutely a good offer to transfer my lifetime from this sloth?” I get far enough down that path to almost place the order (and have several times) and then a big flashing detour sign comes up. Now I’m on the “give up TTG abilities, possible forever” path. I know, I know. TiVo has every intent to enable it as soon as possible. But the simple fact is outside parties are going to be the ones making the final decision, and let’s be honest…these parties 1> don’t care about it getting enabled and 2> some of them would really like to see it NOT enabled. Furthermore, I really want that e-sata port enabled to easily add more storage, but it won’t be enabled until TTG is (for obvious reasons).

    Other minor rocks on the path are the S3 has less disk space than I do (of course, this would only be until I threw a 750 gig drive in there). But on the other hand, two cable cards are still less per month than the one cable box I have (until Time Warner starts jacking up the fees).

    ARGH! At least I have another month to torture myself with. B-)

  • megazone

    Well, CES is next week, maybe we’ll have some announcements relating to MRV/TTG.