Update on the DirecTiVo lifetime transfer to the Series3

WeaKnees Blog has posted an update about doing the transfer of an old DirecTiVo lifetime subscription to a new Series3. The important bit is:

The word hasn’t spread too well among the TiVo operators, so it seems, but everyone who calls to do the transfer has made it work. If you’re going to try, you might ask your operator to reference article 090717. That should give them the info they need to process the transfer.

Remember, you must purchase the Series3 on or before 12/31/06 (that means just 4 days left!), and make the transfer on or before 1/31/07. So don’t wait too long to decide if you’re thinking about it.

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  • anonymous

    When I called the VIP transfer # the other day, the CSR told me that the Series3 not only needs to be purchased by 12/31, but it also needs to be activated and the lifetime status transferred by 12/31. He said that this was a special case for the DIRECTV lifetime transfers. I didn’t have the the reference article in the update though, so I don’t know what it says regarding deadlines.

    Has anyone received confirmation of when the activation and transfer needs to take place?


  • djnewlin

    Thanks to this forum, I learned about transferring my DirecTiVo lifetime service to my new S3!

    When I called, they took my info (DirecTiVo SN, S3 SN,) and my credit card to charge me the $199 lifetime transfer fee. I hung up feeling pretty good (great actually).

    Then the next day I received a call from TiVo, saying that since I had already activated my S3 on a monthly plan, I would have to pay an “early termination” fee of another $200 to perform this Lifetime transfer. I called back and explained why I thought that was kind of crazy, and they agreed.

    Today I logged in to My Tivo account and confirmed that my S3 had LIFETIME for its status! A beautiful sight :-)

    So… a word of warning. It would probaby be easiest and smoothest if you call to activate your new S3 by giving them your Lifetime SN. That seems to kill two birds with one stone, and eliminate any confusion about trying to transfer Lifetime to an S3 that already has been activated…