DirecTiVo with lifetime now eligible for transfer to Series3?

The WeaKness Blog is reporting that lifetime is now transferable from the DirecTiVo to a new S3.

I’ve gone looking for any ‘official’ support of this claim – – as well as looking for any other blogs,, etc – but I haven’t found anything. But is a major TiVo reseller and one of the two large TiVo upgrade companies, with a stellar reputation, so it isn’t like them to post something like this if it weren’t true. So I would tend to believe it.

In the early days of the DirecTiVo, you could buy lifetime on the box, just like standalone boxes. But when DirecTV took over the accounts, they converted the product lifetime to account lifetime. But now it looks like TiVo is allowing those early subscribers who bought lifetime on their DirecTiVo to buy a Series3 and transfer the lifetime. Of course, they can’t use the S3 with DirecTV, so it is only useful if they plan to convert to cable and/or antenna.

It opens a fairly small window of opportunity, as the VIP requires the new S3 be purchased by 12/31/06.

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  • gconnor

    I don’t have any info, but my first thought is: it could very well be true and not require any special deals with DirecTV… they could do it by way of offering lifetime service to those users and not actually require DirecTV to cancel or alter their previous service. Sort of like honoring a competitor’s coupons maybe?

    There is probably a hefty fee for “converting” — almost as much as the lifetime service probably cost in the first place.

  • credendovides


    If that’s true, I need to get my ass to a store and get a S3. I’m looking to upgrade to HD early next year, and the S3 looks like a much better alternative than trying to do something with DirecTV.

    If you find confirmation, be sure to post it here!

    Hmm, then again I have an old Lifetime standalone S1 I could always use as the basis for service transfer. I actually didn’t know about the lifetime service transfer.

  • credendovides

    There is. It’s a $199 fee for transferring lifetime service.

  • megazone

    The VIP transfer fee is $199.

  • djnewlin

    I’ve always loved this site, but I can now say I REALLY love this site!!! :-)

    I just got off the phone with the VIP number (866.424.8486) and successfully transferred my old DirecTivo (HR10-250) Lifetime service to my new S3! Now how cool is that! I had the old HR10-250 just sitting in the basement collecting dust…

    What a great Christmas present!!!!!!!




  • megazone

    Excellent! And thank you for the first hand confirmation.