New TiVo ads

Dave Zatz over at ZatzNotFunny captured one each of TiVo’s new TV and radio ads and posted them. The TV ad I’ve caught while 30-second-skipping my way through ads, I think on something from The History Channel, maybe The Discovery Channel. The radio ad was new to me (I have Sirius in my car, which is the only time I listen to radio, so no ads) – and, ugh, sorry, but I think that’s one of the most annoying ads I’ve heard. Definitely worse than the earlier ‘Taco’ radio ad, which I also thought was annoying, just not as bad. But, in any case, it is nice to see them doing more advertising to get the brand out there and hopefully drive some more sales for the holidays.

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  • anonymous

    I actually prefer the new radio ad over the Taco one. I think it’s less annoying and actually kind of amusing. I am surprised they dropped the TiVo sound effect at the end of their new slogan though – it’s memorable. Unless it’s only memorable to current subscribers? Hm. After hearing that ad, I tried getting in touch with Taco Bell PR to see if they wanted to sponsor a contest on my site to create a better commercial – Any surprise they didn’t write back? ;) Supposedly there is another television commercial floating around out there talking TiVoToGo, though I’m not sure if I’ve seen it. -Dave Zatz

  • megazone

    (LJ accounts are free man, sign up. ;-) )

    I have seen another TiVo ad on TV at some point a few weeks back. But since I skip ads… ;-)

    I think the new ad bugs me because of the tone/attitude – the kind of smugness the singers have. That just bugs the hell out of me. I also absolutely loathed the ‘Two for me, none for you’ Twix campaign/slogan. I just don’t find being selfish and nasty, or smugly superior, to be humorous or endearing, so it turns me right off when I hear it in an ad. It sounded like an asshole kid going “I have TiVo and you don’t – nah nah nah-nah nah!” to me, which just makes me want to smack someone. ;-)