TiVo Alert: Holiday Mythbusters

Discovery is airing a special Holiday Mythbusters episode tonight, and it is not part of the normal series so a Mythbusters Season Pass will NOT record it. I just caught my box not recording the 10PM airing, and manually set it to record at 2AM. If you miss it tonight, it is airing again on 12/9 at 9PM, and 12/10 at 1AM, and then again on 12/17 and 12/18. All times Eastern. Note that this is in *addition* to the regular episode that aired tonight. There were two hours of Mythbusters tonight – so don’t think you got the special because you got the normal episode.

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  • shuckiduck

    Yeah, I missed Jamie and Adam way back when they were on Letterman, so now I have a wishlist set up for just the phrase “Mythbusters” …there are now two folders in my Now Playing list, and I get way more episodes than needed (read: marathons), but I think it’s better to just prune them out of the To Do list than miss something again =)

  • emarosan

    Thanks! Read this too late to catch it first airing, but I’m catching the 12/9 showing. =)

  • kitchenqueen

    Ooh, thanks! I heard it last night as my husband turned on the tv to watch something, but I didn’t notice if it was recording or not. I’ll set it up to get it on the 9th!

  • anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • gladstone

    Thanks! I would have missed that. You might want to mention that “Holiday Mythbusters” is the title of the show if anyone wants to find it by doing a title search. That wasn’t clear from your post (or maybe it just wasn’t clear to me because I’m dumb).