TiVo rolls out TiVoCast update

TiVo Series2 users with broadband may notice a new feature on their units – look under ‘Find Programs’ and there is a new option at the bottom of the list – TiVoCast! This is a new way to manage your TiVoCast subscriptions right from the TiVo itself. You can subscribe to new content, change the settings for existing subscriptions, and even download individual past episodes. New flexibility for TiVoCast users! Formerly, you had to manage TiVoCast online, or via Showcases that popped up from time to time.

Also, as a first, this feature is actually implemented as an HME application. Selecting ‘TiVoCast’ from the menu seamlessly launches the TiVoCast HME application, allowing TiVo to implement this feature without a software update. And they’ll be able to update this application independently of TiVo software updates – expect to see more features implemented this way.

TiVo’s Director of TiVoCast Operations, E. Stephen Mack, posted the details in his blog.

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  • zeigen

    Thanks for the article, MZ.

  • megazone

    My pleasure – thanks for the work! I played around with it last night and had my TiVo download a bunch of back episodes of CNet that I’d missed. And I’m going to check out that Best of Union 5.

    Hope to see you at CES next month.

  • aizjanika

    Thanks. I didn’t know anything about this.

  • anonymous

    I’m a Canadian TiVo user and this TiVo cast menu isn’t on my machine. I am using the most recent software version and have forced a call (even though my TiVo connects daily without issue). I would like to cancel a TiVo Cast and can’t ’cause I don’t have this menu.

    My machine is a Humax DRT800, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. All the other functionality is there. As a Canadian TiVo user, I also miss out on the TiVolution magazine. The only reason I know of that feature, is from seeing it when I first un-box and setup a TiVo. Once I enter my local Postal Code, upgrade the machine and reboot, that content disappears.

  • megazone

    Are you connected to broadband? One thing I noticed is that the menu only shows up if the unit is connected via broadband. Which makes sense – TiVoCast only works over broadband.

    Not sure why they wouldn’t show it in Canada, since I think TiVoCast works there.

    But to cancel, try doing it via the website – TiVo Central Online.