TiVo Boxes Free For Limited Time Offer During Holiday Shopping Season

TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO), the creator and a leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVR’s), is offering consumers an unprecedented opportunity to get for their own homes or give as a gift to friends and family the most popular TiVo box absolutely free this holiday season. When they sign up for a new service plan, consumers will receive the TiVo Series2 which retails for $219.99 and which has the capacity to store up to 80 hours of their favorite TV programming, free after rebate. This versatile TiVo box empowers consumers to enjoy their favorite TV programs whenever they want, and works with all cable, satellite, antenna, and combination set-ups. This is a limited time offer, while supplies last.

TiVo is really pushing this holiday season with press releases, price cuts, and advertising from both themselves and partners like RadioShack and Target. It looks like they’re making a real effort to build their subscriber base over this holiday season.

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  • anonymous

    Yeah, but “free” costs about $45 more than it did last month… ;) -DZ

  • megazone
  • nickfruhling

    I was trying to figure out how much you pay a month after the gift certificate ends, but couldn’t find it anywhere in the fine print. Do you just pick a 1-, 2- or 3-year service plan after that?

  • megazone

    My understanding is that when the initial commitment period ends, you pay monthly at the rate equivalent to the rate you would’ve had during that period.

    So if you start with one year, you go monthly at $19.95. Two, $14.94. Three, $12.95.

    However, you are always able to switch plans so at the end of that one year you can call and commit to 3-more to get $12.95. You aren’t stuck paying $19.95.