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It’s that time of year, isn’t it? Time to give. Time to get.
So let’s kick it off by giving YOU your Fall 2006 TiVo® Service Update, including:

  • SMARTER SPORTS: With the new Extend Live feature, you’ll never miss the end of a game again. [Crowd cheers.] Now the TiVo service will automatically prompt you to add additional time for live events.
  • MORE SECURITY: Choose either WEP or WPA security for your wireless networks (WPA requires the TiVo Wireless Network Adapter) [Networking nerds cheer.]

A new message will appear on your TiVo box the minute your better, stronger, faster (oh, yeah) TiVo Service Update arrives (and yes, you have the right to a Priority List). Until then, I’ll say this:


P.S. Here’s a secret holiday shopping tip: While supplies last, you can get an 80-hour TiVo® Series2™ box FREE when you buy a TiVo service gift card! Only good while supplies last. (And I predict they’ll be gone by next newsletter.) So, hurry, before the holiday madness ensues, let me give you a tour of the TiVo Workshop. And keep your eye out for a bright, new stocking stuffer from TiVo…

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TiVo Tip: Just getting cooking

When Broadcast meets Broadband

TV Sugar Plums

TiVo Rewards

TiVo® KidZone Corner

Top Actor Wishlist Rankings

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Transfer your Product Lifetime service!

Don’t let this one-time Upgrade Offer for our VIP customers whiz by in a blur of legal Ts and Cs.

It’s an exception to the rule when you buy the new TiVo Series3 HD box: a one-time opportunity to transfer your Product Lifetime service from a Series1™ or Series2™ box to a new Series3™ for only $199. As an added bonus, we’ll keep service activated on your current box for an additional 12 months. Hurry, offer ends 12/31/06!

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TiVo Tip: Just getting cooking

TiVo subscribers do NOT need a Martha magazine to plan Thanksgiving dinner, okay? You can get cookin’ with a creative WishList® search.

  • From Pick Programs, select Create a WishList® search.
  • Select Keyword and enter your favorite turkey-day trimmings, like CRANBERRY, PUMPKIN, PARSNIPS, STUFFING, etc. (use quotes with the PAUSE button to indicate exact phrase, like “PUMPKIN PIE”).
  • Select Arts and Living as a category and Cooking as a subcategory.
  • Select View upcoming episodes to see which how-to shows serve up the best recipes and schedule recordings as the tummy tempts you.

Bonus tip: Got siblings? Use a TiVoToGo™ transfer to dish out cooking assignments.

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Coming Soon: When Broadcast Meets Broadband

Thanks to even more amazing TiVo service features coming soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of Web video from your couch, on your TV. Time to get broadband-connected so you’re ready to go where only TiVo can take you: Beyond DVR—way beyond. Here’s what to expect:

  • Even more TiVoCast video content from more exciting partners, including CBS Interactive
  • Ability to upload and share home videos with other TiVo subscribers (That means Grandma will be able to watch “Baby’s First Steps” just as easily as she can watch CSI.)
  • Browse, transfer, and watch a vast amount of Web video, on your TV

More details coming soon, promise. Just smile and stay tuned.

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TV Sugar Plums

Who needs pies when you can binge on holiday TV classics? ABC Family fattened up its December lineup with the best of our youth, including a generous helping of Rankin Bass “animagic” (oh, Mr. Heat Mizer!). Save room in your TiVo box’s tummy for the following, at minimum:

Fri 12/1: Frosty’s Winter Wonderland
Mon 12/4: Rudolph’s Shiny New Year
Mon 12/4: The Year Without a Santa Claus
Mon 12/4: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys
Wed 12/6: Pinnochio’s Christmas

Search your TV listings for your favorite holiday specials and schedule recordings online.

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Papa Johns and TiVo

The TiVo Card

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Point Value: 15,000 points


Sounds great to me: Get an iPod Shuffle in exchange for TiVo Points.

Need to remind some friends they need a TiVo® box of their own? Send one of these postcards and maybe you’ll score some TiVo Rewards™ points while you’re at it.

TiVo® KidZone Corner

“My two children LOVE KidZone,” writes Cindy C. from Chicago, IL. “They know they won’t accidentally turn on one of Mom or Dad’s boring ‘grown-up shows’ and I’m not worried that they’ll end up watching something inappropriate for their age! You thought of everything. We all love it.”

No, we don’t make this stuff up. You send us a story or photo of your favorite TiVo moment and we make a RECORD of it—from TiVo birthday cakes to TiVo tattoos to TiVo what-have-you. And apparently you do.

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Kolya and the TiVo guy

6-year-old Kolya with one of her many pictures of the TiVo guy, now fortified with TiVo KidZone.

Top Actor WishList Rankings

Who is the most searched actor?Success is… To laugh often and much; To appreciate beauty and find the best in others; And, if you’re going to watch TV… To create more TiVo WishList searches. It’s hands-down the best way to find shows worth watching, including plenty you never knew even existed, featuring your favorite star, sports team or even subject, like Traveling to Timbuktu. I kid you not.

Find out which Actor is currently most searched amongst TiVo subscribers. Don’t agree? Vote with your remote by creating one (or many) of your own. Let’s see if you can move the scale…

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