Video demo of new TiVo features from CrunchGear

CrunchGear was at TiVo’s demo on Tuesday, and they shot some video of the demos. I think the unified search feature looks pretty nifty. It looks like they’re making some other UI changes – note the double menu on the Find Programs screen about 1:15 into the video. I also like the ability to download past episodes for TiVoCast content.

As she’s bopping through the menus I noticed an entry called ‘Recommendations’, and as it is highlighted, notice the secondary menu on the right – Guru Guides, KidZone Guides, What Celebrities Watch, Top 100 Shows, and Most Popular this week. Looks like they’ll be moving a number of TiVo Central Online features right onto the box. Also, under Season Pass Manager, they have Season Pass List and To Do List, but also Download Manager and Recording History – which looks like it has moved out of the To Do List. I always thought that was an awkward place to put it. To Do is future, people don’t think to look there for past history.

The Home Movies / One True Media feature looks dirt simple to use. Definitely Luddite proof for sharing your video with friends and family who may not be PC savvy.

I hope these UI changes make it to production, I like what I see.

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  • anonymous

    I don’t understand why my friends use the Dvr from the cable company. TIVO is so much better… Maybe after watching this video, they will get a clue. I just wish TIVO still had life time subscription, because that is one feature that really made TIVO better than CABLE.