TiVo pricing comparison tables

Behind the cut to spare those who don’t care…

These are the net costs for purchasing directly from TiVo.com. The prices are in the format of old/new/change, so you can see the changes easily. They’ve all decreased except the 1-year S2DT plans. Oh, and the 1-year monthly S2 plan is the same.

80hr S280hr S2DT180hr S2DT

These are the retail changes. Since retail pricing varies based on the store, sales, etc, this isn’t the full net cost. What I’ve done here is take the plan net costs and the rebate. The old rebate was $150 on all boxes, the new rebate is $220 on 540 series boxes and $180 on non-540 units. (S3 not included.) So you’d add these costs to the retail cost of the unit. And yes, that is a negative $21 for 1-year pre-paid 540. The rebate is more than the subscription. You can see that most of these have decreased as well. Most of the increases are minor.


So compare the extent of the price decreases to the increases and you can see the cuts are much more extensive – 1x$144, 2x$120, 2x$104, 1x$96, 3x$80, 3x$70, 2x$56, 4×30, 1x$26.40, 1x$22. Compare to the increases – 1x$54, 2x$40, 1x$18, 2x$15, 1x$13.60. (Not counting the specials on right now.) The increases are really mostly negligible, while most of the decreases are more substantial.

Now, to be fair, the S3 is a different matter. Using the $800 MSRP:


Now, personally, I expect that most people willing to drop $800 on a DVR are going to spend the money on a pre-paid plan. The 1-year increase isn’t substantial compared to the cost of the box, the 2-year is the same, and the three year dropped. (And the 3-years for the price of 2 deal is the best deal.) The increases on the monthly plans are larger, though I also expect that when you pay for an S3 the 2- or 3-year commitment isn’t going to be an issue.

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  • rogueonion_8

    Thank you for all this hard work. I am hoping to get a Tivo S3 in the next month or so but I am confused / frustrated. Every where I look it appears I cannot get a multi-Tivo discount. Are they no longer offering multi-Tivo discounts on new purchases?

  • megazone

    MSD is still available, but you have to buy the unit at retail. If you buy from TiVo.com you can only get bundles.

  • rogueonion_8

    Gotca. Considering I’m hoping for a lower price than the $800 I’ll probably have to purchase it at retail anyway. Thank you for all your help.

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