How would you improve TiVo?

PVRWire has an interesting post of suggestions to TiVo: TiVo with a Twist: Ways to Enhance the TiVo Experience Check out the comments too, I just left a couple. :-)

I’ve been known to make a few suggestions myself.

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  • amedia

    Read both links. Great stuff! I totally agree about the batch files – something I’ve been wanting for a long time!

    I realize the Auto-Transfer feature partly ameliorates this, but I can’t use it because transferring causes whatever is being shown to pixillate like mad, which ruins anything we might be trying to record. So I have to wait until I know we won’t be recording anything, and then set it to transfer manually. Gr.

    I also wish the Recently Deleted folder (which I love love love!) would list programs in reverse chronological order. I rarely want to restore something I taped in June! It’s usually something I recorded – and deleted – recently.

  • bellacrow

    omg, what’s the code for the 30 sec skip?

    /clueless in SF

  • cassiusdrow

    First, start playing a recording from Now Playing. The press Select, Play, Select, 3, 0, Select. Now the skip to tick (–>|) button will skip 30 seconds. This has to be done every time the TiVo reboots as well.

  • megazone

    And enter the code again to toggle it off.