TiVo Series3 Remote now for sale

A number of people have said they like the improvements of the Series3 remote and wished they could get one to use with their Series2 boxes. Well, now you can. TiVo is selling it as the “TiVo Glo premium remote” for $49.99. Personally I think the name is… lacking, to put it politely. ‘Glo’? As a commenter at ZatzNotFunny said, it makes me think of Mop & Glo floor cleaner.

Still, as those who’ve read my Series3 review know, I really, really like the S3 remote. Not sure I’d pay $50 just to have it on my other boxes, but if you need a new remote it is probably worth the extra $20 compared to the standard S2 remote ($29.99). While the S2 remote should work with all S1 and S2 TiVos (except the Sony boxes, which use a different command set) as well as the DirecTiVos, it lacks the special buttons for DVD features for the DVD/TiVo combo boxes.

(I see the TiVo store also sells Monster cables now too – for those who like spending FAR too much on cables.)

EDIT: credendovides makes a good point in a comment. The S3 remote can be programmed – it is a learning remote. So, for those who have receivers, TVs, etc, that can’t be controlled by the S1 or S2 remotes, the upgrade may well be worth it.

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  • credendovides

    It may not be worth it just to have a snazzy remote on S1/S2, but for people like me who’s A/V reciever isn’t controlled by the standard S1 remote, the learning capabilities are very much worth it. I may just have to order one.

  • megazone

    True, I hadn’t considered that aspect.

  • ariadne034

    *gasp* Its so pretty! :)

  • buran

    It’s a nice remote but it doesn’t have DVD controls — that’s the only thing I don’t like about it. Otherwise it’s great.