Open Beta for TiVo Fall Service Release

Suffering slow downs from the 7.3.1 update? Feeling adventurous? Sign up your Series2 for the Open Beta here. TiVoPony announced it over at

He hasn’t said what, exactly, is in the new software. However, in the past TiVo has said they’re working on fixing the performance issues from 7.3.1 for the next release, so it seems like a good bet this is a performance boosting release. There is also word that TiVo will be adding WPA support soon. And this support article might be a hint: Does TiVo Support WPA Encryption for Wireless Adapters?

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  • buran

    I suppose it’s time to order one, then, so I can switch to WPA.

  • djnewlin

    When I got home from work tonight, my 8-year old daughter couldn’t wait to tell me that TiVo had done an update (and a little dance, but I digress…). So I checked the software version just now, and it shows as Seems much snappier in its overall responsiveness to remote commands and screen navigation. And it now offers WPA as a Network option (but only with TiVo USB dongles). I have been wanting to upgrade to a newer “range enhanced” 802.11G wireless router, but the models I have been looking at do not support WEP, only WPA. Now I can give this a try…

    My $0.02 :-)


  • megazone

    Did you sign up for the Open Beta?

  • stile99

    Your TiVo did a little dance? Wow, what all is IN this update?!?

    Sorry…couldn’t resist.

  • djnewlin

    Yes, I did sign up for the Open Beta a while ago.



  • djnewlin

    Actually, she said the animated TiVo “guy” did indeed do a little dance on the TV :-) Probably what it does after a boot, but she got a kick out of it…

    See, TiVo has cross-generational appeal :-)



  • anonymous

    My girlfriend LOVES the little TiVo guy (and how exactly do we know it’s a GUY anyway?? Hmmmm…) She says she never feels alone when “he” is there with her.

    Of course, she also absolutely loves the little Microsoft animated paperclip helper thing. I guess she’s a marketer’s wet dream… LOL