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By the way your orders came in and giddy reviews tickled my InBox, I’m guessing there was a race to be the first subscriber to experience the TiVo® service in High Definition. And my, can we ever geek out over the TiVo® Series3™ HD box. With all due respect for my colleagues, I don’t think anyone in TiVo’s marketing department could throw down quotes like this:

  • HE DREAMS IN HD, TOO: “Simply brilliant! Seriously, this is exactly what I wanted [for my home theater] … Glad to know I’ll have His and Hers units.”
  • HD + NUMBERS = PRETTY PICTURE: “If you watch HD, it’s no contest in comparing a Series3 to any of the cable DVRs.” (And someone else sent me an Excel spreadsheet with a breathtakingly thorough, side-by-side comparison showcasing the superiority of the Series3.)
  • AS GOOD AS YOUR FIRST TIME: “Having that TiVo “moment” again. Remember your first TiVo, when it finally “clicked” in your mind how powerful and cool your new device was? … Color me happy—in HD.”

Here’s to happiness,


Don’t forget about our one-time Upgrade Offer for our most loyal subscribers when you purchase the new TiVo Series3 HD box. For a limited time, transfer your Product Lifetime service from a Series1 or Series2 box to the new Series3 HD for only $199. As an added bonus, we’ll keep TiVo service activated on your existing box for another 12 months for no additional charge.

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TiVo Tip: Live Music Sampler

“I’ve been doing this for a while and it works really well,” writes subscriber Tom J. “I love seeing bands perform and being introduced to new sounds. So I record the last 15 minutes of all the talk shows’ (typically when musical acts are slotted for air time). I do this for Letterman, Leno, Conan, Kilbourne, and Kimmel. This enables me to have every performance every night without taking up hours of space. Plus, most of the TV shows descriptions have the artists listed, so I can easily delete them if I don’t care to see the performance.”

Here’s how you can sample new sounds with TiVo manual recordings:

  • From “Find Programs,” select “Record Time or Channel”
  • Select “Manually Record Time/Channel”
  • Select One Time or Repeating, Day, Channel, Start Time and Stop Time
  • For repeating recordings, limit the number of saved episodes next to “Keep At Most” to save recording space on your TiVo® box.

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Web Specials

Many of you have emailed, asking where on Earth you can find this beloved TiVo® box so you can enjoy the benefits of built-in DVD-R. Now I know the answer: Direct from TiVo only. And only as a Web Special, which means you save substantially off the regular retail price. So get your factory-renewed 40-hr Humax® DVD Recorder with TiVo® for only $99.99 when you sign up for a year TiVo® service plan, before they’re going, going… And feel free to distract your friends with the other Web Special-big savings on the whopping 140-hour TiVo® box.

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Apple® Video iPod® — 60GB Black

Point Value: 55,000 points

I bet you’ll groove harder, better, and faster if you get yours through the TiVo Rewards™ program.

Need to remind some friends they need a TiVo® box of their own? Send one of these postcards and maybe you’ll score some TiVo Rewards™ points while you’re at it.

Recommend it!

The time is prime to check out TiVo Guru Guide recommendations—a TiVo feature that makes it easy to browse and record shows that have been hand-picked by entertainment experts in every field from sports to fashion. TiVo Guru Guides mean no more searching, no missing what’s best on TV.

As for what’s been worth watching this fall, Entertainment Weekly’s “What to Watch” columnist Alynda Wheat and her What to Watch contributors share their TV picks with TiVo subscribers every week in the Top TV by EW Guru Guide, written by Alynda. Best of all, it’s as easy as clicking “Get this Guide” to have the Guru Guide recommendations automatically recorded to appear on your Now Playing List.

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With a Cherry on Top of Housewives

Once upon a time in the 1990s, four golden girls named Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia kept TV writer/producer Marc Cherry very busy. But then Mr. Cherry went several years with no women at all… until he got Desperate.

“My best friend had TiVo and I wanted one, too, but couldn’t afford it,” Marc Cherry said. “So the first thing I did after I sold the Desperate Housewives pilot was buy a TiVo [box]: It was October 2003.” The creator of one of the nation’s favorite shows shares what’s on his Now Playing List and waxes nostalgic about Blanche in this TiVo CouchTime interview.

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KidZone Corner

We’re as pleased as 100% pure, organic, California-grown fruit punch to welcome two new organizations into the TiVo KidZone circle: YWCA and Afterschool Alliance.

Founded in 1858, the YWCA is the oldest and largest multicultural women’s membership movement in the world, with the mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. “As one of the nation’s leading providers of childcare, serving 250,000 kids annually, we appreciate the importance of giving women tools like TiVo KidZone to care for their families,” said Dr. Lorraine Cole, CEO of the YWCA USA. TiVo is sponsoring the YWCA’s upcoming children’s art contest which encourages kids to express their emotions through drawing and other creative arts. Learn more at www.ywca.org.”

Also, the Afterschool Alliance and TiVo Inc., have announced a new relationship to support quality afterschool programs and Lights On Afterschool 2006. On October 12, over a million Americans will participate in 7,500 events throughout the nation and military bases around the world to urge their leaders to support afterschool programs that keep children safe, inspire them to learn, and help working families. “TiVo KidZone is a wonderful tool for parents,” Jodi Grant, Executive Director of Afterschool Alliance. “Like afterschool programs, it creates safe spaces for children after the school day ends. TiVo KidZone can help ensure that, when children watch TV, they are accessing quality education programming that supplements what they learn during the school day and in their afterschool programs.” To find out more go to www.afterschoolalliance.org

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“Shows On The Go” Sweepstakes

While you’re saving your Susan B. Anthonys to buy the TiVo® Series3™ box, why not enter to win one in this over-the-top sweepstakes from our friends at American Airlines? The Grand Prize, an Ultimate HD Entertainment System, includes a 50″ HD plasma TV, DVD player, ultra-slim speakers and more.

And this isn’t your standard fill-in-the-blanks sweeps, peeps. You’ll get a preview of what’s “Now Playing at AA.com,” featuring the mini-movies “A Fare to Remember,” “Everyone Loves Online Check-In,” and “The Status Report.” (No, I’m not being cheeky, only precise. And wait ’til you hear the TiVo sounds!) SELECT to enter your deserving self before November 15, 2006.

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TiVo Fan Mail

Amongst a sea of toys, subscriber Max (9 mo.) from Virginia insists on reaching for his favorite.

“All other toys are ignored when there is a TiVo remote available,” writes Max’s Grandmother, Laurie. “The remote often works as incentive to get him to crawl or pay attention long enough to drink his bottle. Max, his parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents all love TiVo. We’re just one, big, happy TiVo family!”

No, we don’t make this stuff up. You send us a story or photo of your favorite TiVo moment and we make a RECORD of it—from TiVo birthday cakes to TiVo tattoos to TiVo what-have-you-and apparently you do. (Hopefully you’ll scare us with more TiVo pumpkin faces and peanut remote costumes this year.)

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