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TiVo Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 87

Letter from the Editor
We hear from TiVo moms and dads every day,
telling us their kids will have no concept of what it was like to watch TV “the
old-fashioned way.” Smart move, bringing that first TiVo box into your home. But
get this: We just made that move even smarter with a new feature called TiVo®

We first got the idea from YOU, with a suggestion to have two Now Playing Lists,
one for you and one for the kids. But that’s just the icing on the TiVo KidZone
cake, which just started rolling out to Series2™ TiVo subscribers last week, included
free as part of your standard TiVo service, of course. I kid you not: This new feature
is going to knock your flip-flops off.

You’ll find TiVo KidZone to be exactly what you need to make even smarter decisions
when it comes to your kids and TV. Now YOU can decide exactly what your kids can
watch based on your family’s values and interests. And with TiVo KidZone Guides,
you’ll get recommendations from the nation’s experts on the highest-quality, educational
shows for your kids, all easy to find and record, both from your TiVo box or online.

You get to set your own ratings system, creating a safe universe of kid-friendly
programming that reflects your values. All while you still get to enjoy your favorite
shows. Because TiVo KidZone always keeps the parent’s Now Playing List separate
(and safe—it’s password-protected) from the kids’, you’ll never be surprised by
what you’re little ones are watching.

There are far too many great things to tell about TiVo KidZone, so I suggest you
read more here. Or try it yourself and enjoy some good,
clean fun for the whole family!

Easy as A, B, C,

P.S. Don’t yet have TiVo KidZone? (You’d find it under Messages & Settings, then
“Get TiVo KidZone.”) Sign up for the Priority List here.

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Get Connected, Get TiVoToGo™
Transfers on Even More Portables

More and more people are taking any show anywhere with
, now twice as nice, just in time for your summer Travel Bug. Here
are two NEW reasons why:

  • Automatic Transfers mean you can now have your favorite shows on your Windows®-based
    desktop and ready-to-sync to your favorite compatible portable video device by the
    time you wake up in the morning! Think of it as a Season Pass™ recording for
    your portable—Just set it and forget it (or perhaps “dream about it” is more apt).
  • TiVoToGo transfers are now compatible with more portable video players, including Apple® iPod®, PSP® (PlayStation Portable), Nokia® N80 & Palm® Treo™.

And by the by, video-quality snobs will notice we’ve fine-tuned TiVoToGo™
conversions to look their most impressive selves on those small portable device
screens, so enjoy!

To use the TiVoToGo™ feature, you need to connect your TiVo® Series2™
DVR to your home network. Learn how to
get connected
so you can enjoy more TiVo. (I mean, geez;they’re included
with your standard TiVo service, you should use them!)

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TiVo Tip: Name That Baby

This great parental tip was “born” out of the imagination of TiVo subscribers Susan,
Scott, and Rachel (and their twin TiVo Series2™ boxes). “Instead of buying
books filled with names you would never use,” they write, “have TiVo help you name
your offspring after someone famous.” Here’s what they suggest:

  • Create a new WishList® search.
  • Choose Actor or Director.
  • Select the letter ‘A.’ The list will be sorted alphabetically by last name.
  • Use CHAN DOWN to page down and scan names quickly.
  • Be sure to consider both first and last names.
  • Set the WishList® search to auto-record every match so you can see what may
    lie ahead for your child.
  • Have fun. If done successfully, you’ll have a great story to tell when Junior asks,
    “Mommy, who did you name me after?”

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Rewards Item: Samsung® Ultra Compact
Sports Camcorder
60,000 points

Record your fun in the summer sun!

Refer a Friend!
Passion pays off. Register for the
TiVo Rewards
program and start earning TiVo Points, redeemable for great rewards
with every successful referral! It’s free, easy, and open to all.

An Honored Invitation for TiVo Parents
An invaluable component of TiVo KidZone is KidZone Guides, where three of the nation’s
leading organizations focused on children and media give TiVo subscribers their
hand-picked recommendations on what’s worth watching when it comes to quality kids’
TV. You
must check them out
. But first…

One of the organizations, Parents’
Choice Foundation, reviewing children’s media since 1978, wants to hear from YOU!
TiVo families have a special invitation to participate in the
Parents’ Choice Awards
in Children’s and Family Television, by sharing with
them which shows you welcome into your living rooms—and which you don’t. Your valued participation in this innovative project includes viewing a predetermined list of age-appropriate programs at your convenience and answering a few questions about each show, via email, a few times per year. Interested in making a difference,
and having a blast as you do? Parents over 18 years of age should definitely check
out the details and eligibility requirements—your
truly counts.

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TiVo Fan Mail

You know you’ve got a great product/service when you
get great stories from the people that use it. Here’s the latest from our electronic

I have two daughters, Jillian (7) and Lindsey (4). Both have learned to use the TiVo
remote quite successfully, with Jillian being a master. I’m not sure either one
of them could enjoy TiVo-less television, as it would be impossible for them to
pause a show for any of the myriad interruptions at our house! Anyway, a few months
ago, Lindsey and I went to see the Disney movie “The Wild.” There is one particular
scene where the animals are in Times Square. Atop the famous Times Square building,
is the TiVo logo. Of course, I missed it entirely, but not Lindsey. In the small
but crowded theater, you would be very proud of Lindsey for showing her great excitement
and enthusiasm at the sight of the TiVo logo! She announced its presence, quite
loudly, to the entire theater: “Daddy, Daddy, looook! It’s just like our TV at home.
It’s TiVo!” I thought you might appreciate the TiVo moment. — David K., Jacksonville,

Send us a story or photo
of your favorite TiVo moment so we can RECORD our genealogy—from TiVo birthday
cakes to TiVo tattoos.

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That Movie Seems to ‘Click’ with
TiVo Subscribers

TiVo employees put their life on PAUSE for two hours
last week to see Click, where we laughed at what the amazing TiVo® service has
inspired in Hollywood screenwriters: Adam Sandler plays an architect who finds a
universal remote that lets him fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his
life. Perhaps you’re planning a little getaway to see it yourself?

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Reality Bites: PBS plays Fetch!
with “Tweens”

Hosted by an unreal, animated, and
slightly neurotic yet lovable and charismatic canine host named Ruff Ruffman, FETCH!
is part game show, part reality TV, and part spoof, features real kids, real challenges,
and real science. Six real-life “tweenagers” make up the “reality” cast and have
no idea what they are getting into as they embark on mystery assignments to test
their determination, their daring, and their intellect. The series breaks the mold
with its educational and comical take on one of America’s most popular television
genres. Targeting six- to ten-year-olds (though Ruff’s humor is entertainingly adult,
too), the series is spontaneous and full of surprises.
Schedule a recording
and see what Ruff Ruffman, FETCH! brings to YOU and
yours. And feel free to let me know if I was barking up the wrong tree…

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TiVo Most-Recorded

Wondering what your fellow TiVo® subscribers are recording? We’ve got the weekly round-up,
any week you want it, at tivo.com.

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