Get an 80-hour S2 TiVo – FREE!

Circuit City and Best Buy seem to be dumping their stock of single-tuner 80-hour Series2 boxes. Both are selling them for $219.99 before rebates. Price after rebates – $0.

You’ll need to subscribe to use it, but if you already have a subscribed unit the second one would be eligible for the $6.95/month MSD discount rate. Or you can just keep this in the closet as a spare, just in case. And you can buy 1-, 2-, or 3-year pre-paid service plans for $155.40, $299, or $399, respectively, to give them as a gift.

Great time to pick up a TiVo.

EDIT: Also CompUSA and is even better – they’re selling it for $150 with $150 rebate, instead of $220 with $220 in rebates.

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  • rogueonion_8

    Thanks for the heads up. I think I’ll go buy this one and replace my current 40 hour series 2 and keep the 40 hour as a spare. :)

  • rogueonion_8

    How do I cancel the service agreement of the Tivo I want to replace?

  • megazone

    I think you have to call TiVo.

  • rdcf

    Thanks so much for the heads up! We suspect the hard drive on our 160 hour is on its last leg and we didn’t relish the thought of having to replace the hard drive ourselves. While an 80-hour will be a step down, it’s better than nothing and it’s free! We just bought our first home so the thought of spending any more money on anything, even something as essential as TiVo makes me a little weak in the knees.

  • anonymous

    The $150 rebate terms say “Valid only for new service contracts.”. Has anyone been able to replace their existing TiVo with one of these and still get the rebate? I’d like to upgrade from our 40 hour, but this statement makes me think we’re not eligible for the rebate.

  • megazone

    I think you can start a new service contract on one of these, then cancel the one on the old box. UNLESS you still have a commitment on the old one that is unfulfilled. Then I don’t think you can take advantage of this without risking an early termination penalty, or forfeiting the rebate.

  • rogueonion_8

    I bought the 80-hour Tivo at a local Best Buy and found out after I set everything up that the $70 rebate only applies to purchses on Oh well. :) Its still a good deal to me.