Sign up for TiVo KidZone priority list.

TiVo has a sign up for folks who want 7.3 sooner rather than later. The biggest change in 7.3 is, of course, the addition of KidZone.

It has been kind of quiet in here lately, no one is commenting…

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  • velvet_frogg

    hi. I’m tired.

  • megazone

    Hi. Me too. :-)

  • velvet_frogg

    now I’m hungry too. lol.

  • smashedagainst

    ok, so ya want a comment?? :) how do i get my toshiba dvd-r tivo to do the one touch delete??? :D My humax friends are golden, but i feel so stone age.


  • scarymike

    Still reading, just not much to say. Most of the new features, product watch, guru guides, kid zone… don’t really appeal to me. But hey, its awesome to see Tivo keeping up the fight. Tivo is the gift that keeps on giving.


  • starjewel

    Hrm. I hope 7.3 fixes my random reboot problem that started with the last update :/

  • megazone

    You should’ve had that already, it is in 7.2.2. You didn’t get it?

  • weaktwos

    Hey, I have no kids; I’m not into Kidzone. :-D I have two cats. Let me know when they come out with Catzone, a clever product to entertain my cats while I’m away. ;-)

  • anonymous

    I’m looking forward to KidZone… anything to help with what they watch.

    A little of topic, but…

    Does anyone know if they ever plan on providing a “lock” function? Let me put a password on individual recordings, to prevent deletion? Even with undelete, things get removed by accident….

  • megazone

    I haven’t heard anything about a lock function, sorry.