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TiVo Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 86

Letter from the Editor
This year get Father’s Day right: Be twice
as nice to Dad when you give him the brand-new, whopping 180-hour TiVo® Series2™
Dual-Tuner box. And because the
TiVo® Gift Center
makes it so outrageously easy to bundle a TiVo®
box with 12 months of TiVo® service, you’ll look twice as thoughtful, too. Dad
will be so proud.

Now, you’d better read every pixel of this newsletter to get the low-down on the
smooth, new TiVo® features coming your way. Did you read that? Even more
new TiVo features
. No wonder TiVo subscribers feel like they have a special
love relationship with their TiVo box. It just keeps giving. Sounds like someone
else we know…

Here’s to Dad,

P.S. We’ll be announcing even more soon, too. Remember my rave about the forthcoming
awesome new service enhancement called TiVo® KidZone? I’ll only say this for
now: Have you signed up for the
Priority List

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TiVo Tip

TiVo Rewards

Most-Recorded Shows

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TiVo Hotlinks

TiVo Guru Guides

TiVo has always helped subscribers make the most of their television viewing experience
through innovative features like WishList® searches, Season Pass™ recordings,
and TiVo Suggestions. Now, with the upcoming launch of TiVo Guru Guides, we bring
you one more way to find the best television, just the way you want it! We’ve partnered
with cultural leaders like Sports Illustrated, Billboard, CNET, and Entertainment
Weekly to give you the best-of-the-best TV show recommendations—exactly what’s worth
watching, week after week, from the people who know.

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Remote Island Replay Sweepstakes
So guess what? Some smart pineapple finally made a Big Hollywood picture about what
it feels like to be a TiVo subscriber. Well, kind of. In Click, Adam Sandler plays
an architect who finds a universal remote that lets him do exactly what you keep
telling us you want to do: fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life.
Alas (and of course) complications arise when the remote starts to, well… get a
little controlling, shall we say? Click opens in theaters on June 23.

So be careful what you wish for, eh? As an alternative, might I recommend the following:
Enter the Sony
Click Remote Island Replay Sweepstakes
now for a chance to win a “slow-mo”
remote island family vacation including 5 luxurious days of family fun that you
will want to replay for days, a TiVo® Series2™ Dual-Tuner DVR with service, and a TiVo®
network adapter. Nice!

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Get Connected, Get Product Watch
Ask for the latest on sports cars and ye shall receive—IF, that is, you’re broadband-connected
(a running theme in this section, you’ve surely noticed). A brand-new TiVo feature
called Product Watch
will automatically deliver bonus broadband content that matches your interests,
directly to your Now Playing List. From the perfect recipe for cheesecake to the
latest films in Hollywood, Product Watch is a virtual treasure trove of video delights,
ripe for your sampling. Really, you must give it a whirl.

Find it under “Music, Photos, Products and More,” next to the little gold star.
I’ll be curious to hear what perfect [fill-in-the-blank] Product Watch finds for

And how’s this for a Hitchcockian twist: What does a man, wearing a white shirt,
ringing a woman’s doorbell have to do with all this? Watch this TiVo Showcase—or
find it now on your TiVo Central screen with the TiVo logo next to it.

Get connected and enjoy everything that the TiVo service has to offer: The
TiVo Wireless G Network Adapter
makes it super-duper easy. Watch the Showcase
video for an overview of what you’re missing.

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TiVo Tip: Juggling World Cup Recordings

Attention World Cup Soccer fans (there are only 500 million of you): If you want
to record just the games, and not all the post-game specials on football hooligans,
etc., here’s the tackle to take for managing your TiVo recordings: Create a keyword
or title WishList® search for “WORLD CUP SOCCER,” choosing Sports as the category
and Sports Event as the sub-category. And yes, of course we know it’s really called
“football,” thanks.

WARNING: Guide data for live events can’t predict the future. Protect yourself from missing any nail-biting overtime by padding recording time for live sports events: Select “Options” when scheduling your recording, then “Stop time” and adjust as desired.

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Rewards Item:
Panasonic® Portable DVD Player – 9″ Wide Screen

42,500 points

Take your favorite shows with you with this portable DVD player…

Refer a Friend!
Passion pays off. Register for the
TiVo Rewards
program and start earning TiVo Points, redeemable for great rewards
with every successful referral! It’s free, easy, and open to all.

PSA for TiVo Subscribers & Their

PSA as in Please Show Affection for those in your household who enjoy the TiVo®
service and would not be particularly pleased if it were suddenly (ahem) “turned
off” due to nonpayment. Thankfully, avoiding this disaster is easy: Update your
credit card info (the card may have expired) through
Manage My Account
. It only takes a minute. (Okay, two if you’re a woman
and your wallet is deep inside your purse.) You’re the best!

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TiVo Tidbits
Tony Bennett serenaded Katie Couric last week with “The
Best Is Yet to Come” on her final “Today” show after a record 15 years.
But perhaps more notably for the likes of us was The Jersey Boys, who
sang their farewell song, “Bye, Bye, Katie” (to the tune of “Bye, Bye,
Baby”), with the following verse: “Why, oh, why do you have to leave-o?
/ You’re the one girl in town we TiVo.” Cute. See you at CBS, Katie.

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GO, TIVO REMOTE, GO: Congratulations to 4th-grader James M. of
Marietta, GA on his two divisional Pinewood Derby wins (Cub Scouts, Pack
565): 1st place in Overall Style and 4th place, Overall Speed.

Contribute to our TiVo Family Photo Album (my, how we grow!): Send us a picture of your family’s favorite TiVo
moment so we can, you know, “RECORD” our genealogy-from TiVo birthday
cakes to TiVo tattoos (’tis true!).

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Calling All Broadband-connected
Gadget Geeks

Hello, are you getting your CNET Tech Tips and Reviews?
All it takes is a simple SELECT on your TiVo remote to tell the TiVo service YES,
please. Each Friday, you’ll find a new 15-minute program from CNET including reviews
of all the latest, hottest consumer electronics in your Now Playing List. Dooooo
it. From TiVo Central, select Showcases, then CNET.

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TiVo Most-Recorded

Wondering what your fellow TiVo® subscribers are recording? We’ve got the weekly round-up,
any week you want it, at tivo.com.

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