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TiVo Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 85

Letter from the Editor

Mea culpa, my fellow TiVo friends. Last newsletter, the announcement of the brand-new
80-hr TiVo® Series2™ DT not only doubled your fun with the ability
to record 2 shows at once*, it also doubled the emails in my InBox. So I apologize
for not being able to personally respond to each and every one of you. (Maybe the
TiVo engineers can start developing a new TiVo feature called dual-Shanan to avert
such catastrophes in the future. Uhm, no thanks.)

Hopefully, however, you got your questions answered and
are now enjoying the latest new addition to your TiVo family… not to mention
Desperate Housewives and The Sopranos, 24 as well as The Apprentice, and Lost on
top of American Idol.

C’est la (Season) Finale,

P.S. Dads and grads deserve the whole package. Get a jumpstart on the perfect gift
for dad with TiVo gift packages, including the “no conflict” package with the brand-new
TiVo Series2™ DT DVR.

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TiVo Tip: Size Matters

One size might not fit all, which is why the TiVo service offers three when it comes
to channel banners. Here’s how you can find the perfect fit:

  • While watching live TV, use the right directional arrow to bring up the channel banner.
  • Continue pressing the right directional arrow on the remote to display different banner sizes
    (small, medium, or large—each one with a different amount of info)
  • Goldilocks your way through the banner sizes using the right arrow until you find
    the one that feels “just right.” The last size is saved.

NOTE: Selecting the INFO/DISPLAY button will always display the largest banner size. To change the size that appears when you change channels, you must use the right arrow.

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size="2" color="#ff9900">

TiVo Wireless Adaptor:
10,000 points

It’s all about broadband, baby. Eliminate the need for a phone line with your Series2â„¢
box and connect to your home network in a snap (literally!) so you can start enjoying
more than just TV with your TiVo�® box! You really must start enjoying these
outrageously cool features and services
in your living room.

Refer a Friend!
Passion pays off. Register for the
TiVo Rewards
program and start earning TiVo Points, redeemable for great rewards
with every successful referral! It’s free, easy, and open to all.

Last Chance to Enter to Win a….

Uhm, better not to miss your last chance to win a TiVo® Series3™ HD? (That
is, once it’s released later this year—and no, I shan’t get more specific just yet.)
Then you’d better get your well-deserving self connected already and vote with that
beloved remote: Just go to “Music, Photos, Products & More,” select “Idol Speculation”
and pick a contender, any contender. Just for playing you’ll automatically be entered
for a chance to win in our last weekly drawing. You don’t even have to guess right.
Easy. See official rules for details.

Wondering what your fellow TiVo subscribers are speculating? We’re keeping tabs
every week in the TiVo Blog.

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So, Tell Us How You REALLY Feel
What do you think of the TiVo newsletter? Now’s your chance to get it all out, get
it all down, and get your $0.02 out on the table. And the best part? It only takes
two minutes. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings, we’re inquiring–and inquiring
minds at TiVo want to know. That way, we can improve both your TV-watching and your
newsletter-reading life.

Take the TiVo Newsletter survey

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Get Connected, Get Podcasts!
Did you know that Lost has an official podcast? Ebert
and Roeper? Or perhaps Meet the Press is they way you like to Internet mingle. Me?
This American Life just wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t invite Ira Glass into
my living room whenever I want, thanks to the TiVo Podcaster. In case you don’t
see your favorite podcast listed under Music Photos, Products, & More, you can add
it yourself by entering the rss feed for the podcast you desire.

But if you’re not broadband-connected, this might be all TiVo Greek to you. Which
is strange, since Podcaster among many other amazing TiVo features is already included
as part of the same TiVo service you’re already paying for. I mean, seriously: Time
to hook yourself up (the TiVo Wireless G Network Adapter makes it outrageously easy)
and enjoy everything that the TiVo service has to offer. Watch the Showcase video
for an overview of what you’re missing.

And don’t forget your 75 free music downloads from eMusic!

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To All Gadget Geeks, With TiVo Love

Yet another great reason to get connected already:
CNET Tech Tips and Reviews. All it takes is a simple SELECT on your TiVo remote
to tell the TiVo service YES, please, and every Friday, a new 15-minute program
from CNET including reviews of all the latest, hottest consumer electronics will
automatically appear in your Now Playing List. Think TVs, phones, games, and everything
your inner geek could possibly dream of and more. Is your heart racing yet? To sign
up, go to TiVo Central, then Showcases, then CNET.

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TV Nibbles
GRACE-FUL GOODBYE: One hundred and ninety six episodes
later, “Will & Grace” is saying sayonara in a final, hour-long airing 9 p.m. tonight
(Thursday, May 18). “It’s daring and ambitious and more far-reaching than most finales
go,” Eric McCormack said. “I think people will be quite surprised.” “I think ‘Will
& Grace’ fans will be satisfied,” Debra Messing added. “Ultimately, it was done
beautifully and it ties up loose ends for all of the characters in a way that is
wonderful.” Are you a super-fan? Make sure you’re set to record the series retrospective
at 8 p.m. (Hint: Stuck at work? If your TiVo box is connected to your home network,
you can schedule last minute recordings online, oh yeh!)

THE RETROSPECTIVE BUCK STOPS HERE: When NBC announced in January that it was canceling
“The West Wing” after seven seasons, it said the final episode would be accompanied
by a retrospective on the series’ history. Instead you saw repeat of “The West Wing”
pilot prior to the final episode. So what gave? While NBC had no official comment
on the switch, a person close to the show told AP that the network couldn’t reach
an agreement with the show’s cast on what or if they would be paid to gather one
last time and reminisce about their experience. So don’t cry—apparently it’s not
worth it.

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TiVo Most-Recorded

Wondering what your fellow TiVo® subscribers are recording? We’ve got the weekly round-up,
any week you want it, at tivo.com.

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