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Hidden feature in Mac TiVo Desktop 1.9.3

It isn’t TiVoToGo, yet, but TiVoToComeBack (publishing video TO the TiVo) is available in the recent 1.9.3 release for MacOS. It looks like it isn’t complete, so it was disabled by default, but Dennis Wilkinson over at TiVoCommunity.com has discovered … Continue reading

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Sony Delivers HD Quality With Blu-Ray Disc Media


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Video games a key battlefield in high-def DVD war

Next week’s E3 video game conference could prove pivotal for a multibillion dollar high-definition DVD standards war brewing in Hollywood.

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WeaKnees.com has posted a FAQ for the S2DT. It might help people understand just what you can, or cannot, record with the two tuners.

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