WeaKnees.com has posted a FAQ for the S2DT. It might help people understand just what you can, or cannot, record with the two tuners.

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  • jerronimo

    what if you had two satellite boxes? Or is the DT only capable of IR controllng one satellite box?

  • megazone

    The latter – only one external cable box or satellite receiver. The second tuner is analog cable ONLY.

  • pabell

    Hmmm I have Dish Network Only, So for customers like me, A Dual Tuner is useless. I can’t imagine why someone would have Both Cable & Dish, Its a waste.

  • anonymous

    How reliable are these Tivo’s from weaknees? I’m curious to people’s experience. It looks like the S2DT have the same capabilities as the formal Tivo’s ones – is that correct? And lastly, will Tivo be coming out with a S2DT with more than 80hours any time soon?


  • shadoh

    That answers a lot of questions. Cool. I knew I loved weaknees for good reason. :)

  • megazone

    They are the same units from TiVo. WeaKnees is basically a specialized reseller. They take the standard units and upgrade the drives. They’ve been doing this for years and have a great reputation. WeaKnees.com and PTVUpgrade.com are the two ‘big names’ in upgraded TiVo units.

    There are to be two standard models of S2DT – 80 hours (80GB) and 180 hours (160GB). But it is unclear when the larger units might go on sale.

  • megazone

    Some people have basic cable for all their local channels and then satellite for everything else. Very basic cable is pretty cheap in a lot of areas.

  • pabell

    Unfortunately, Comcast’s Basic Cable was over $80 here in my part of NJ (urban markets are always more for whatever reason). This is why I went with Dish Network, More for less.

  • anonymous

    Thanks for the info.

    Do you know if there is any plan on having a dual-tuner with DVD recorder?

    THAT would be sweet….

    Thanks again.

  • megazone

    Nothing along those lines has been announced at this time. It may happen though, since the current DVD models can’t be sold after early-2007. At that time all devices with an NTSC tuner need to have an ATSC tuner, and they don’t.