TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO ), the creator and a leader in advertising solutions and television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), today unveiled the first advertiser custom application, the Lexus Car Configuration Tool, that will be integrated into a Showcase on the TiVo® service. Adding to TiVo’s advertising product portfolio, the custom application provides advertisers with increased consumer engagement through unique interactive elements and an increased response rate over traditional campaigns.

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  • deadoraliveinoh

    The question I have…Is this crap taking up room on my hard drive? I bought my Tivos to get away from commercials and they’re touting it as a a special feature. I pay every month for the channel guide, they need to let us opt out of the commercials.

  • megazone

    All TiVo’s have a small part of the hard drive reserved for TiVo’s use. This is outside of the advertised capacity so it never interferes with user recordings. This space is used for video in Showcases, promos, etc.

    Other applications, like this Lexus one, are using Home Media Engine and it is server driven. The TiVo is only a display client, so it isn’t using any space on the TiVo. Same way the Yahoo applications work.

  • titanic

    Is there a way I can re-order the menu? I don’t even need to take things like “design your own lexus” off, but I want to put the stuff I use on the top so I don’t have to page down to find it. Specifically I want to take Live365 and Podcaster and move them to the top, the rest can stay ordered as it is.

  • megazone

    Unfortunately, no. That’s something a number of people have wished for.