Toshiba rolls out HD DVD notebook

The Qosmio G35-AV650 adds a new model to Toshiba’s Qosmio family of notebooks, one that can play high-definition movies on a 17-inch display with a resolution of 1,920 pixels by 1,200 pixels. HD DVD movies are trickling out slowly, but there are several titles available, and around 200 are expected by the end of the year, said Dave McFarland, product manager for the Qosmio line.

I’d barely call this a notebook. Two 100GB drives setup as RAID. It weighs *10.1* pounds! And it costs $2,999. This is a very-high-end desknote range notebook. Not the kind of thing you want to carry around too much. My HP zv5000 weighs around 8 pounds, and I feel it when I travel. I only got one this big because I knew 99% of the time it would be sitting on a table by my couch (as it is now), or sitting on a table in a hotel somewhere, etc. I don’t actually carry it around much – just between places when I travel. Damn that Toshiba is a fat laptop.

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  • genkigenki

    It’s not really a notebook so much as a desktop replacement”. They are basically portable PCs. Something that you leave at work in a docking station all week, and unplug it to take home on the weekends. My dad has one that he swears by.

  • megazone

    Yeah, that’s what ‘desknote’ means – the product segment for notebooks that are really meant to be used on a desk most of the time and not carried around.