TiVo(R) and Partners to Announce Major New Component of TiVo KidZone



Mar 8, 2006 15:15 ET

TiVo(R) and Partners to Announce Major New Component of TiVo KidZone

Making it Even Easier for Parents to Choose the Right Television Programming

for Their Kids

Washington, DC – Less than two weeks after unveiling TiVo KidZone, a personalized TV area where children can find programming deemed appropriate by their parents, TiVo will announce a major new component in a news conference and technology demonstration in Washington, DC. With TiVo KidZone, parents can use ratings and recommendations from a selection of national family media groups — as well as their own judgments — to provide the best television programming for their children while excluding content they deem inappropriate. This new component will make TiVo KidZone even more useful and easy to use for parents.

When: 10:00 AM, Tuesday, March 14th

Where: Washington Court Hotel, Ashlawn Room
525 New Jersey Avenue, NW

Who: Tom Rogers, President and CEO, TiVo
James Steyer, Chairman, Common Sense Media
Claire Green, President, Parents’ Choice Foundation
Melissa Caldwell, Senior Director of Programs, Parents Television

This new component will enhance TiVo KidZone to help parents select the best programming on television for their children. TiVo KidZone offers a first-of-its-kind solution, providing parents with expert guidance and easy set-up to help them discover and select the television programming that is most appropriate for their family based on the individual needs and values of their household.

Rather than relying solely on industry ratings, TiVo KidZone empowers parents to set their own standards via TiVo’s easy-to-use user interface and smart technology. In order to help parents make these decisions, TiVo KidZone also includes recommendations from leading family media reviewers, which parents can accept in full or in part in addition to their own selections. This is all in addition to the standard ratings, which remain available.

As part of the offering, children will have their own space within the TiVo interface to enjoy their favorite shows deemed appropriate by their parents, and the parents get a password-protected place to make the decisions about what’s best for their children to watch, without having to give up their own favorite programs.

Contact: Amy Weiss, 202-203-0448

Debra DeShong, 202-528-4214

PRNewswire — March 8

Source: TiVo Inc.

Web site: http://www.tivo.com/

Interesting, I wonder what this ‘component’ will be. I also noticed the Parents’ Choice Foundation is participating, I think that’s a new partner.

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