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TiVo’s Corporate Blog on TiVo Central Online

TiVo’s corporate blog has an entry that interviews Shannon and Jason from the TCO team. It is a good entry overall, but being a geek with a huge TiVo RFE list, one thing popped out at me: When will it … Continue reading

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What would you pay for lifetime?

Since TiVo just dropped lifetime because, at $299, it was too good of a deal to be economical for them, I’m curious how much people would be willing to spend on lifetime if TiVo were to re-introduce it at a … Continue reading

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More pricing tidbits

I said I’d post things as I pick them up, and I’ve been reading slogging through hundreds of posts over at TiVoCommunity.com were TiVo reps have been fielding many questions. From that I’ve picked up some more info: – Current … Continue reading

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TiVo 7.2.2 Software Release — Spring 2006 — featuring Undelete

The priority request sign up page for the coming 7.2.2 release is up! The big addition to 7.2.2 is, as the subject says, undelete. It also has an improved suggestions engine and support for the Linksys USB200M v.2 Ethernet adapter. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the new pricing plans

The new plans are for an 80 hour Series2. I wonder if they’re going to standardize on the 80-hour only, or if you could get a 40 hour for less, or a 140 for more? These new prices encourage two … Continue reading

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