TiVo to unveil a new initiative

This just popped up on a few blogs, like ZatzNotFunny, from TiVo:


WHAT: TiVo is hosting a press conference to discuss important developments.
WHO: Tom Rogers, President and CEO, TiVo and selected other special guests
WHEN: Thursday, March 2nd at 11:00 a.m. ET
WHERE: The Museum of Television & Radio

Gear Live says they have the inside scoop on what it will be. A KidZone service to allow parents to setup custom channels to control what their children can watch, so they can use the TiVo unattended but only view pre-approved shows.

I don’t know. It could be that, it could be the official announcement of their new pricing structure. It could be related to the Comcast box and/or the Series3 – but I personally very strongly doubt that. It is too early for either of those – and I wouldn’t call those an ‘initiative’, as I could pricing or a kids focused service. It could be something completely different.

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  • tuffghost


  • megazone

    I hate it when I do that – and I do it far too often.

  • velvet_frogg

    Wouldn’t the kids thing be the parental controls? I mean, you can already have it set to do something with the rating settings. You can lock channels. What more would a person want to do?!?

  • anonymous

    I read the press release. As a parent with 3 kids, this is awesome. It seperates what my kids and mess with (and delete!!!) from their own stuff.
    And it provides suggestions, which is always nice.

    And it’s free!!!!