Hacking the XML in Your TiVo

This is a good article on playing around with the XML from your TiVo and TiVo Desktop. Definitely for those of us who are geekier than most though – if XML, XSLT, and shell scripting are foreign terms, you probably want to skip it. :-)

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  • anonymous

    Thanks! (Of course, you can assume that anyone who writes such an article subscribes to this feed.)


  • anonymous

    I am a drooling morn when it comes to this stuff

    so in title please explain it to me better

  • megazone

    You’re welcome. Though I never assume. ;-)

  • megazone

    This was covered in past discussions – check out this and this.

    In short, satellite is a closed system and the providers (DirecTV and Dish) will not allow 3rd parties (like TiVo) access to the encrypted digital streams. Without that access the best you can do is use an external receiver and record the SD analog signal – which is what an S2 does. Since you can’t get better than that, there is no point in adding cost and complexity to the S3 to make it do this when they’ll still sell the S2 for that.

  • anonymous

    will the series 3 record in both mpeg 2 and 4 ?

    or will mpeg 4 be not used a s a recording codec, till the updated series 3 is released in 2009 when they can remove the ntsc and analog recording abilitys ?

  • megazone

    Digital signals are saved as is, if they are in MPEG4 then they’re saved as MPEG4. Analog signals are encoded into MPEG2.