Galleon 2.2.0 now available

It can be downloaded here.

Version 2.2.0:
Galleon menu sorting
Internet app support for larger images
TiVo space available in configuration GUI
ToGo recordings show TiVo name in configuration GUI
Added TiVo criteria to ToGo rules
Improved database error handling
ToGo sorting
Jabber app
Fixed iTunes date support
Shoutcast configurable download limits

Since I forgot to mention 2.1.0 when it was released:
Version 2.1.0:
Shoutcast app now supports all stations
Shoutcast app supports station alternates
Shoutcast favorites
ToGo downloaded recordings can now be downloaded repeatedly
Added sorting to internet, RSS apps
Jukebox random play
Support parental controls for ToGo downloads
Fixed Galleon menu duplicate app name bug
Fixed network interface binding bug
Fixed GoBack recording details
Fixed video filename formats
Fixed GoBack videocasting support

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  • biffster

    2.2 still contains a nasty bug in the Shoutcast app. Something goes goofy there (dunno what it is that breaks), causing Shoutcast to fill up Galleon’s database connections. Once that happens, things stop working. The worst effected is Music: after the Shoutcast app breaks, Music won’t play any music, instead it plays a soundfile that says, “We’re sorry, the stream you requested could not be found. Please try again later.”

    The only current fix is to disable the Shoutcast app.

    Other than that, the 2.x line has been very nice.