Support for the Linksys USB200M v.2 Ethernet adapter

If you plan to use a Linksys USB200M wired Ethernet adapter, TiVo has a page to sign up for beta software with support for it. Note, this is only if you plan to use the USB200M, and primarily for those ordering one from TiVo’s store.

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  • unteins

    Well now they offer that support. I just bought all Netgear ethernet adapters to use with my Tivos.

    Btw, for anyone who plans on doing tivo transfers, ethernet works great. I think it takes about 2-5 minutes to transfer an hour long show on my network, compared to 1.5 hours for an hour long show on my old 892.11b network I used to use.

  • watermelon80

    What netgear adapter did you use on what series TiVo to accomplish a 2-5 minutes download? I’ve used a Linksys wired 100x and a netgear wireless 54g and still had transfer rates comparable to 1.5hrs for an hour show (I think it’s due to the crypto stuff they do on outbound transmissions, and would still have long downloads regardless of ethernet adapters).

  • rckenned

    What’s new in the v.2 model? I’ve been using the earlier model for a while now. Will I get any benefit from the new software?

  • megazone

    They changed the chipset so the drivers for the v1 don’t work for the v2, so you won’t see any change.