Live from the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show

I arrived in Las Vegas a few hours ago and I’ll be attending CES 2006. The press releases and product announcements and leaks have already started, and the show doesn’t officially kick-off until tomorrow, and it runs through Sunday. I’ll be posting any TiVo related news in tivolovers, any Blu-Ray or HD-DVD news in bluraydisc, and anything else I find interesting I’ll drop in zonereyrie. In addition to the official releases and such, I’ll see what other news I can turn up, and I’ll post photos of anything interesting. I’m excited to be here, for the third year running, and it promises to be an exhausting few days. :-)

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  • buran

    Watch out for CSI guys in H2s. Is it cold this time of year? I’d love to go see Elton John in concert at Caesars… probably spring/fall are the best times to go, as the desert gets hot in the summer.

    (Yes, I know this is offtopic… ;p)

  • megazone

    It gets cool at night – being in the desert and all, but during the day today I guess it was around 68-70. The past couple of years I’ve been in polo shirts during the day, but last year they actually got snow over night one of the nights I was here. So they have a wide swing once the sun goes down.

  • buran

    Not uncommon for a desert environment to experience temp swings from day to night.

    Hmm, it is warmer than I expected this time of the year. Perhaps I will start looking at later in the fall for visiting! Then again some friends of mine in that part of the country have a yearly gathering in September, so that might be the best time to go — do it all at once and only pay airfare once!


  • dbldbl

    thanks for your updates. i’m reading a few RSS feed of coverage and it’s just awesome with all that is in the pipeline, TiVo related and all things Consumer Electronic-y. will definitely live vicariously through your coverage, as well as be a little bit jealous! my eyes are kept peeled on the community journal….

  • weaktwos

    Thank you, Oh Tivo guru! I’ve added zonereyie to my friends list so I can see your updates. :-)