Sign up for TiVo Desktop 2.3 beta – with iPod and PSP support!

On TiVo’s CES 2006 page – – there is a link to sign up for the 2.3 Desktop beta!

The beta is Windows-only (TiVo has stated Mac support will be coming further into 2006), and this is the sign-up to request entry into the beta when it starts. The 2.3 desktop will have the official support for transferring video to the iPod and PSP.

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  • bluepoet

    All of the stuff coming out at the CES is awesome, but it’s still overshadowed for me by the fact that they STILL don’t offer TiVoToGo for Macs. The TiVo Desktop software isn’t even running on the newest Mac OS. I love my TiVo, but this just kills me. It’s so disappointing, and while they are saying that we’ll have support later in 2006, as you’ve pointed out, I think it’s too slow in coming. Far too slow. While I do adore my TiVo, I love my Mac more.

  • megazone

    It has been frustrating for everyone, including TiVo. There are issues with Apple’s MPEG2 codec and that’s used by all the Apple software. TiVo tried to work with Apple for months, leading to a lot of the delay, before giving up and starting on a solution from scratch without Apple’s help. So that’s making things take a lot longer than it did on Windows where it was fairly simple to hook into Windows Media. The good news is that they’re doing it themselves now, so they are in control and can produce a solution without additional delay from any partner.