TDK Develops 100GB Blu-ray Disc

TDK has developed a prototype Blu-ray Disc that can store twice as much data, and record it at twice the speed, as existing Blu-ray Discs.

So you have a 3-layer, 45GB HD-DVD? That’s nice kid, here’s a nickel. 4-layer, 100GB BD is where it’s at.

If they can get this standardized soon, it is possible that 4-layer support will be included when units start shipping, like in the PS3. Maybe with a software upgrade. Just like many DVD-R drives are designed to handle DVD-R-DL with a PROM flash.

Admittedly, 100GB discs are far more likely to be used for data than video. Even with minimal compression 100GB would hold a hell of a lot of video.

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  • cassiusdrow

    I’m thinking 100GB BD would be great to get the Lord of the Rings all on one disk in HD. Or Indiana Jones. Or The Matrix. Or an entire series run of most network shows in SD.

    Their marketing departments will probably never allow that.