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| Volume 68

Letter from the Editor

Humax just introduced a new 40-hour
DVD-Recorder with TiVo
®, which you can get direct from TiVo for
only $399.99-a ridiculously great price when you realize its actually
three products in one box (a TiVo DVR, a progressive-scan DVD player,
and a DVD burner). I got the 80-hour version of the same box just before
the holidays and yes, I’m in love.

yourself before 7/17/05 and we’ll throw in 10 blank DVD-RW disks
FREE so you can start burning your favorites in plenty of time to invite
Dora the Explorer in the minivan once you hit the road this summer.

Record, Burn, GO!


P.S. You’ll notice a new newsletter feature included herewith and
every issue henceforth: TiVo staff picks! This issue includes one from
none other than TiVo chairman, co-founder and CEO, Mike Ramsay.

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"This isn’t a series, but the National Geographic Channel (NGC)
re-runs a lot of their specials and this
kept me rapt," writes Tanya T. from Tucson, AZ. "In fact,
I have "DA VINCI" programmed as a keyword WishList search and
plan to have my book club over the next time this show gets recorded."
Dare to explore the facts behind the best-selling book when the NGC presents
"Unlocking Da Vinci’s Code: The Full Story."

TiVo® Tip: One WishList™
for All

Are you a super-fan of a certain show? Scheduling a Season Pass™
recording is great, but if you can’t get enough of a particular program,
consider instead creating a WishList™ keyword search for said show
title to make sure you catch not just every episode of the series, but
other related programming as well, like behind-the-scenes specials and/or
spin-offs, as well as relevant talk show interviews. For example, even
though you might find card games on TV are for jokers only, you still
might enjoy the draw of "Celebrity Poker" if the cast of West
Wing was seated at the round table. Think I’m bluffing? Up the ante of
your programming possibilities and try creating a WishList™ keyword
search for your favorite show (specify exact phrase by using quotes with
the PAUSE key on your remote, e.g. "WEST WING"). Odds are in
your favor that you’ll get a good hand.

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You Ask, We Answer

Q: I missed the latest episode
of a favorite show due to a presidential press conference recently. How
can I make sure that doesn’t happen again?

— "Survivor" Fan in NYC

Your TiVo box relies on the information provided by
the networks to know what show is on at a particular time. When shows are
unexpectedly pre-empted (not broadcast as scheduled) at the last-minute
like in the case of a presidential address, your TiVo box may not receive
notification of the change in time. In case you do learn of breaking news
coverage or of a news conference, however, there are a few things you can
do to ensure you don’t miss a minute of your favorite shows—both before
and after the fact.

Tip 1:
Reference your local TV station websites for last-minute schedule
changes. Compare the new times with your To Do List (TiVo Central > Pick
Programs to Record > To Do List) to make sure the times for your favorite
shows match. If the To Do List does not have the correct information, set
up a manual recording. From TiVo Central:

  • Go to "Pick Programs To Record," then "Search By Title."
  • Next, select "Manually Record Time/Channel."
  • Enter the channel and start/end times for the recording that you want
    to set up.

Tip 2:
Connect to the TiVo service on a regular basis. Make sure
that your TiVo box is always connected to a phone line or network connection
so that you receive as many last-minute changes as possible.

Tip 3:
Double-check your recordings. Your TiVo box won’t record a
show that it believes it has already recorded. In other words, if a show
is cancelled or moved at the last-minute, your TiVo box might not record
the episode when it re-airs because it "thinks" it has already
been recorded. To instruct your TiVo box to record the episode when it airs
(once the new time appears in the guide), be sure to do the following:

  • Go to "Pick Programs To Record," then "Search By Title."
  • Enter the title of the show you want to record.
  • Press SELECT to view show details.
  • SELECT "Record this episode also."

Remember, you can get help with most of your technical questions by visiting
our support
. You can also find answers and share know-how in these web-based
help forums
. For account-related issues, you must use Manage
My Account
or give us a call.

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Tim Burton: WishList™ Director

Director search ranking: #15

Director Tim Burton kicked off his career at Disney but quickly evolved
into a unique brand of his own with a curiously colorful (or distinctly
black-and-white, for that matter) approach to storytelling with films like
Beetlejuice (1988), Edward Scissorhands (1990), and Ed Wood (1994), his
loving tribute to the legendary Worst Director of All-Time, Edward D. Wood,
Jr. This summer, you’ll see Burton’s much-anticipated version of Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp hit the theaters. But you can
get your golden ticket to all things Tim Burton now with a WishList director
search. Meanwhile, feel free to chew on the following fun-facts:

  • Burton’s opening credits sequence often starts with the camera going
    through something (Batman (1989), Beetlejuice (1988), Edward Scissorhands
    (1992), or following something (Batman Returns (1992), Mars Attacks!
    (1996), Sleepy Hollow (1999)). Many of his films open with a quiet,
    nighttime snowfall.
  • Composer Danny Elfman is frequently used for his musical scores.
    (Edward Scissorhands is hauntingly lovely.)
  • At the end of Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice metamorphoses into a bizarre
    creature with a merry-go-round on his head. On the top of this merry-go-round
    is a smiling skull, which became Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before
    Christmas (1993)—a pet project of Burton’s since his days as an
    animator at Disney. (And by the by, his former fiancée Lisa Marie
    was the inspiration for the lead character Sally).
  • He has an affinity for clowns and his films often include them or
    make reference to them.
  • Tom Jones’ song "It’s Not Unusual" can be heard both in
    Edward Scissorhands (1990) and in Mars Attacks! (1996).

Create a WishList director search for Tim
to find search results for your TV listings.

Christopher Walken: WishList™
Actor Search

Actor search ranking: Not ranked

Born Ronald Walken on March 31st, 1943, in Queens, NY, Christopher Walken
first intended to study dancing, not acting, but dropped out of Hofstra
University after one year when he landed an off-Broadway musical "Best
Foot Forward" in 1963. In 1977 he made one of his first film impressions
in Annie Hall disturbing Woody Allen with his fantasies of slamming his
car into oncoming traffic. A year later he earned an Oscar for his performance
as Nick in The Deer Hunter. But did you know he…

  • Along with Nick Nolte, were both
    considered for the role of Han Solo in Star Wars (1977).
  • Worked briefly as a lion tamer in
    a circus at age 15.
  • Has a phobia of going too fast in
  • Won an MTV Video Music Award for
    choreographing his own moves in Fatboy Slim’s music video "Weapon
    Of Choice."
  • Somehow manages to insert a little
    dance number into nearly all of his roles, scripted or not.
  • Is a member of Saturday Night Live’s
    "Five Timers Club," meaning he’s hosted enough times to have
    his own recurring skit ("The Continental"). He also likes
    to sing/dance during his monologues.
  • Has different-colored eyes (one blue,
    the other hazel)—a condition known as heterochromia.
  • Loves horror films with zombies (keyword
    WishList search anyone?

Create a WishList actor search for Christopher
to find search results for your TV listings.

TiVo Staff Pick

TiVo Employee:
Mike Ramsay

TiVo chairman, co-founder and CEO

WishList™ keyword search:
FORMULA ONE (Auto-record every match)

"This gets me all the Formula One Grand Prix races," explains
Mike. "It’s handy because these races are run all around the world,
every two weeks, but it can vary. Also, while the races occur at the same
time in local time and are shown live on Speed Channel, there’s always the
odd time when they are shown on a major broadcast network instead. So, it’s
a combination of variable dates, times, duration and network and only a
TiVo WishList can get it all – magic!"

TiVo Mom Pampered

Sharon Galvin from Hillsborough, CA was the lucky winner of the amazing
spa package in our "TiVo Treats Mom Right" contest, randomly drawn
on Mother’s Day from thousands of passionate entries. Sharon’s 10-year-old
son Alex submitted an essay on her behalf, explaining "TiVo makes a
difference in my mom’s life because she can watch her favorite shows any
time. Aside from helping me and my sister with our homework, doing the dishes,
and doing the laundry, she likes to watch shows with me. Without TiVo, with
all the stuff she does, she would never be able to watch her favorite shows.
TiVo kind of feels like part of our family."

And don’t you worry: We dare not ditch Dad. Stay tuned in June and we’ll
find a fun way to fuss over father, too.

The TiVo Top 25 Season Pass™ rankings
are based on anonymous, aggregated data, for the week ending 5/16/05.

1. Desperate

2. American

3. The


5. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

See the TiVo Top 25 in its entirety

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