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Letter from the Editor

Not yet a member of TiVo
Rewards? You’re crazy. I just got a really nice Nikon
Coolpix camera
for doing something I already do: insist people subscribe
to the TiVo® service. I’m guessing you do, too, so enough already. Register
today so you can:

  • earn TiVo Points for referring a friend to activate
    TiVo® service
  • earn TiVo Points for every TiVo®
    service referral
  • earn TiVo Points every time you use your TiVo
    Platinum MasterCard
    ® credit card (Again with the getting points
    for doing something you already do. You spend money, so spend it wisely
    by applying for the coolest looking plastic you’ve ever seen now. Seriously,
    it’s one of those hip translucent numbers. You need one.)
  • redeem TiVo Points whenever you want
  • get great rewards, including the DVD
    recorder with TiVo
    ®, and more.

And to top it all off, if we didn’t already have the best rewards items
of any program out there, we go ahead and add six brand-new ones this week,
including the iPod
, the iPod
and the Creative
(what I’m vying for next and I’ll tell you exactly why in a future
newsletter, uh-huh).

Showers & Fools,

P.S. You’ve still got time to take advantage of the amazing limited-time
offer to save
a whopping $200
on an 80-hour TiVo® Series2™ box… AND
you can now pass the good word on to your lucky friends as well (yes, it’s
time to let the "lay" people in on this deal, too, and hey-think
of it as a chance to get your first 5,000 TiVo Points!). Offer ends 4/30/2005
or while supplies last (and with this deal, it’s no wonder they’ve been
going, going…!).

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TiVo Tip

You Ask, We Answer

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Recommend It!

Based on the award-winning BBC hit by
the same name
, this fly-on-the-wall docu-reality parody about modern
American office delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin
paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Who knew it could be this
uncomfortable to have an "authorized" peek into the world of
9-to-5ers. Except for maybe those of us 9-to-5ers…

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Oh, You DVR People

buzz isn’t what it used to be, reports USA Today, discovering DVR owners
like you are not only changing the way we watch TV, but also the way we
talk about it. How so? While investor Beth Finch used to call her friends
when the
The Bachelor
The Apprentice
The Amazing
was over, now she says they all must wait, making sure everyone
actually watched before the debriefs unfold. Bottom line: Morning-after
gabfests around the water cooler dishing about last night’s

are dying out – or at least spreading out — as more viewers are converted
to the DVR, which happens to be the most popular home electronic device
available right now. Take it from Forrester Research who found in a study
of households with DVRs, users volunteered the word "loved"
in describing their machines and said they had shown them to seven friends
on average (Get your TiVo Rewards, people!). "I have ‘TiVo-engelized’
all my friends," teacher Charles Cooper, 28, of Augusta, Ga., told
the newspaper. "They have TiVo [service], and we have a schedule
of when we watch the shows, although it may be several days later than
scheduled broadcasts." That’s the kind of people we like to know!

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TiVo® Tip: Now Playing…Movies

Your Now Playing list will be like a personal theater marquee if you follow
this tip to find and record all the movies you desire:

  • Press the TiVo button followed by the number 4 to get the "Search
    by Title" screen.
  • Highlight and SELECT "Movies" as a category, then choose
    a sub-category (or SELECT "Don’t specify a sub-category").
  • Highlight and select the number 0; movie titles appear to the right.
  • Page through the list of all films scheduled for broadcast over the
    next two weeks using the CHAN UP/CHAN DOWN button
  • Highlight and select the titles you want to record.
  • Pass the popcorn.

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You Ask, We Answer

Q: I’ve heard that you will be
able to put recordings into folders. Is that true? — Dave

If you have a Series2™ TiVo box, yes. In fact,
there are several ways you can customize both the display for your Now Playing
List and the TiVo Live Guide.

To group all programs from a particular Season Pass™ or WishList™
recording in your Now Playing List:

  • From Now Playing List, press the ENTER key on your remote (it’s on
    the bottom-right on most remotes).
  • From "Now Playing Options" screen, choose to sort alphabetically,
    by date recorded, and whether to turn groups (a.k.a. folders) on or

If you turn groups on, the TiVo service will also put all TiVo Suggestions
in one folder so you can easily access the programs that match your interests.
For a more detailed set of instructions, check out this article

on our support site.

Quick tip:
Instantly toggle between
sort and group options just by pressing the "1" or "2"
keys on the remote when on the Now Playing List.

To customize the Live TV Guide:

  • Press the Live TV/Guide button on
    your remote (you may have to press it twice) to display the TiVo Live
  • Press the ENTER button (the bottom
    right, on most remotes) to bring up the Guide Options screen
  • Adjust guide options accordingly.

For example, if you would rather
just view your favorite channels when you bring up the guide, change the
"Channels" setting (note: you will need to set up a list of favorite
channels before doing this — see this article

for instructions).

You may also choose to view the guide for a particular date or time. Or
change the style of the guide between the "classic" view and the
"grid" view (grid guide view is not available for all software
versions). Finally, you can choose to filter the guide to view only shows
matching a certain genre (for example all the sports or children’s programs
or movies currently on).

Remember, you can get help with most of your technical questions by visiting
our support
. You can also find answers and share know-how in these web-based
help forums
. For account-related issues, you must use Manage
My Account
or give us a call.

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Peter Jackson: WishList™ Director

Director search ranking: #47

Born in New Zealand on Halloween in 1961, Peter
began at an early age making movies with his parents’ Super
8 camera. At seventeen he left school, and failing to get a job in the
New Zealand film industry as he had hoped, started work as a photo-engraving
apprentice. After purchasing a 16mm camera, Jackson began shooting a science
fiction comedy short, which, three years later, had grown to a seventy-five
minute feature called Bad Taste, funded entirely from his own wages. The
New Zealand Film Commission eventually gave Jackson money to complete
the film, which has become a cult classic. But before we fast-forward
history marking Jackson as the first person to direct three major feature
films simultaneously with The Lord of the Rings, he received widespread
acclaim for his 1994 feature Heavenly Creatures (if you like Kate Winslet,
you must see this film), which was awarded a Silver Lion at the Venice
Film Festival and an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay.

Peter Sellers: WishList™ Actor

Actor search ranking: #50

Did you know Peter
was a vegetarian? Or the first male to appear on the cover
of Playboy Magazine (April 1964)? Or the first actor to be nominated for
one Academy award (best actor) for a film in which he portrayed three
different characters (Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying
and Love the Bomb [1964])? Any which way you investigate, Sellers’ body
of work went well beyond Inspector Clouseau, the inept French detective
in the Pink Panther series. Add Peter Sellers as a WishList™ search
to find out what your TiVo service reveals about this legendary actor.

The TiVo Top 25 Season Pass™ rankings
are based on anonymous, aggregated data, for the week ending 4/3/05.

1. Desperate

2. American

3. The

4. Lost

Crime Scene Investigation

See the TiVo Top 25 in its entirety

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