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First players based on Taiwan’s FVD HD disc to ship next month

Taiwan’s answer to HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc was formally launched yesterday. The format’s backers claim it offers comparable video quality to blue-laser media but at a fraction of the price. Why do companies/countries insist on doing this kind of … Continue reading

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TiVo tests pop-up-style ads

TiVo began testing interactive advertising tools over the weekend as it looks to appease companies wary of users’ ability to skip over ads. Remember the talk of ‘billboards’ and pop-up ads during FF/RW over ads that went around before 7.1 … Continue reading

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TiVo HME Resource Center

I added a feed for the TiVo HME Resource center blog as tivohmeresource

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Study: Format wars won’t hinder DVD sales

Published DVD products will rake in $76.5 billion worldwide in 2009, up from about $33 billion last year, In-Stat/MDR said Tuesday. I question the bit about HD-DVD catching on in the US and Blu-ray being overseas. With half, or more, … Continue reading

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TiVo – Big in Japan?

Earlier today PVRBlog found a little teaser of a news byte: TiVo to launch in Japan by 2006 – report TiVo Inc. (TIVO) is expected to launch its digital recording service in Japan as early as next year, according to … Continue reading

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