TiVo tests pop-up-style ads

TiVo began testing interactive advertising tools over the weekend as it looks to appease companies wary of users’ ability to skip over ads.

Remember the talk of ‘billboards’ and pop-up ads during FF/RW over ads that went around before 7.1 ever shipped? Well, theeeeey’re heeeereeeee…. ;-)

Personally I’m totally cool with this, but I’m sure there will be screaming bloody murder by some.

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  • duncan_blkthrne

    I wonder how those will be affected by using 30-sec. skip?

  • megazone

    You skip the ads – and the ads. :-)

  • psuedomeat

    this is a bad trend. So bad in fact I have decided against buying another tivo, to build a htpc instead, something that will actually do HD.

  • scarymike

    That a great alternative for some. But most people find that an htpc is far more expense and hassle than its worth.

    Fun project if your a techie though.

    as far as the ads go, I would suggest people wait until they experience them before they get thier undies in a bundle.

    The alternative is for the big media corps to fight against PVRs and make it so any legit PVR manufacture can’t fast forward though comercials at all. Not saying they could do this, but they certainly will try.


  • travisd

    I don’t have a big deal with this in and of itself, but I do have a problem with them cramming more into the system which is already starting to see slowdowns. I like T2G but the update to 7.x has really introduced bad lags into the user interface.

  • shadoh

    Wow. Just… wow.

    I just got done visiting tivocommunity.com and people there are pretty pissed off. I’m glad I have DirecTiVo which, if they ever start pushing it to us, at least it won’t be right away.

  • davesawyer

    I was wondering if I was the only one. Mine hangs a lot moving through the menus. Since T2G transfers at such a slow rate, I don’t use that much. I’ll take my old version back, thank you.

  • spamthecat

    I understand the necessary evil, and I experienced it last night while fast forwarding through the commercials on 24… probably wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t an ad for “The Interpreter” and I didn’t have to see Sean Penn’s stupid mug. The ad is obtrusive though, if they could make it only across the bottom or the top it would be much better, it does interfere with your ability to see when to stop fast forwarding.

  • dangermouse74

    hear hear! or is it here here? or maybe hear here? anyway i concur :-)