An Incredible Deal on a TiVo Box!

Latest promo from TiVo.

Get an 80-hour box for just $99*

It’s an amazing limited-time offer to save a whopping $200 on an
80-hour TiVo Series2™ DVR by Humax
! But hurry, offer good while
supplies last.

ONLY TiVo® IS SO SMART, IT’S THE EASIEST TO USE. Get every episode of
your favorite shows automatically. Use it like a search engine and digitally
record by title, actor, director, even keyword. Pause, rewind, slo-mo and
instant replay live TV, and much more. Only TiVo lets you schedule recordings
anywhere from the web and makes it easy to transfer recordings to your laptop
or PC so you can always take your favorite shows to go! Works with any TV
setup so you can take it anywhere: cable, digital cable, satellite, even

*Price after $100 mail
in rebate
. See terms and conditions at

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  • sinsofdesire

    omg i want that. i only have a 40 hour box now. do they let you upgrade?

  • i_am_fake

    You may want to just have a new hard drive installed. Its only about 89.00 for the hard disk (120 Gig). Get your local nerd to install it. This would give you about 100hrs.

  • sinsofdesire

    where can you get new hard drives for tivo?

  • i_am_fake

    That would work, although if you can find a 5400RPM it would probably run a little cooler. has the instructions on how to copy/replace the drive etc.

  • kingfox

    It’s good to see it extended. A co-worker of mine couldn’t say no to that price, and finally joined up. I’ll have to hit a few more fence-sitters.

  • sinsofdesire

    hmm i don’t know if i’d really want to do that. it breaks the warranty agreement and if anything happened to my tivo i’d be screwed and have to buy a new system.

  • mryn

    Do you mean an extended warranty from the retailer, or the TiVo warranty? Past 90 days, it will cost you more to get a repair/replace via TiVo’s warranty than to just buy a new 40-hour box or upgrade an existing one, not to mention that the most common source of problems is the hard drive anyway, which is easily fixed on your own.

  • sinsofdesire

    i got an extended warranty from circuit city for 3 years.

  • mhaithaca

    It was exclusive to existing TiVo customers through March 30th, and was then going to be made available to the public. Humax is doing this to dump their inventory of non-DVD-recorder units, so the deal lasts while the supply lasts. It was nice that TiVo gave us first crack!

  • _alreadydeadxx

    also keep in mind if you swap out the harddrive & your tivo breaks again after that, customer service can tell if you hacked it (happened to a friend of mine). so beware, they know if you increase the HD size and will not exchange the unit for you.

  • _alreadydeadxx

    also, are you on lifetime service?

  • sinsofdesire

    no i’m not on lifetime.

  • sinsofdesire

    ya thats why i’m not wanting to hack it.

  • megazone

    No, there is no upgrade. You could sell the old box and buy a new one. If you had lifetime (I see that you don’t – personally I always buy lifetime, better value) you wouldn’t be able to move it to a new unit, so you’d sell the unit for more as the new owner would get lifetime with the box.

    As others have said, you can add bigger drives yourself. The info page for this community has several links to 3rd party companies that sell tools or complete drives, or you can send in the box and they’ll do the work for you. Some of them offer their own warranty when they do the work.

    You can also do it yourself for free using the Hinsdale tools and a PC.

  • psuedomeat

    HD bum bum hd bum bum hd bum bum!!
    I’m waiting for hd dual tuner, some time this century please…