…and the first beta release of Galleon is out.

Galleon will eventually replace JavaHMO and it uses the new HME interface to add new functionality.

One of the cool new features in Galleon is the ability to control TiVoToGo from your TiVo. So you run Galleon on your PC, then from the TiVo’s own interface you can tell Galleon to pull shows over. No need to go over to the PC, great when your PC isn’t by the TV.

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  • travisd

    That looks WAY too cool…

  • auryn29a

    Hmm. I just tried installing this and it looks like it frelled up my Tivo To Go. I’m getting errors trying to listen to music or view jpgs. grr.

  • megazone

    Remember, it is a first beta.

    Also, I don’t think you should run Galleon and TiVo Desktop together – check the notes for Galleon and make sure you follow them. Worst case you should be able ot turn off Galleon and use TiVo Desktop.

  • auryn29a

    Yeah, I acknowledge that it’s very beta. My problem is I shouldn’t have jumped in without first checking out JavaHMO, which I’m doing now and just giggling over.

  • auryn29a

    I am now convinced that Galleon did something to my PC setup. JavaHMO and TivoToGo will not work properly. I think I’ll have to reinstall both of them.

    (I’m just recording this here because it seems like a good place to do so.)

  • megazone

    You might want to reboot the TiVo. It is possible that the HME connection wedged the network connection which would explain why all the other HMO features aren’t working.

  • auryn29a

    Actually, I uninstalled/reinstalled TivoToGO and JavaHMO and that did the trick. I am now happily using JavaHMO.

  • anonymous

    Hello, TiVo lovers. Just curious. I am mving soon. I wanted to know that if I could connect to the TiVo service some way without having an active land line. I’d appreciate any help that you could give.

  • megazone

    DO you have a standalone TiVo or a DirecTV TiVo? If the latter, you need a phone line unless you hack the unit to enable networking.

    If you have a standalone unit you can connect the unit to a home network instead of a phone line. See: