Do you want to play with the cool toys before anyone else?

Then make sure your beta application is up to date!

It looks like TiVo is actively looking for more testers, and they recently revised the beta application with some new questions. It looks like they’re looking for people to test TiVoToGo, XM Radio support, and maybe HDTV, judging by the kind of things they’re asking about. You don’t have to be a geek either – they look for the average user to make sure new features are usable by everyone, as well as geeks who find creative ways to break things. :-)

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  • susandennis

    Thanks! There were a lot of new questions! But, then I haven’t done a beta test for them in several years. The last screen was all about TSN numbers – this one stumped me. What’s this asking for? First I thought it was TIVO Serial numbers but then the other questions didn’t match.

  • megazone

    The TSN is the TiVo Service Number. The description is just the name you’ve given the unit. The connection type is asking how the unit calls home – phone, DSL, cable modem (the latter for units on a network).

  • susandennis

    Thanks! I just got focused on the nits…. TSN Number would tanslater to TIVO Service Number Number so I figured that wasn’t wrong. And I don’t have an excuse for the connection question :)

    I’ve just gone back and added both of mine in. Thanks for the assist!

  • andrewshead

    Signed up. Somehow I don’t think they will pick me. User with a series 1 and no HDTV