Janet Jackson still holds TiVo title

Eight months later, Janet Jackson’s infamous performance during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show remains the most replayed moment in TiVo history, said a representative for the digital video recording company.

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  • buran

    *eyeroll* People are just nuts.

  • mikecap

    But the continued hold of the Jackson moment on the top slot shows the unpredictable nature of what consumers actually do with technology, once they get their hands on it.

    Unpredictable?? I’d call it perfectly predictable.

    “What happens when you show a naked breast to an audience of mostly men? Anyone? Bueller?”

  • irihs

    Wow! I’m not surprised that people replayed that a lot, but I thought that maybe some moments from the Olympics might overtake it. (Almost naked beach volleyball players rolling around in celebration in the sand, anyone?)

  • stile99

    Actually, it is completely understandable. In thousands of households, I imagine this was the way it played out:

    “Dude! Was that what I think it was?”
    “I dunno, but I think so…I have TiVo, so let’s check it out!”
    “DUDE! It WAS what I think it was! Show it again!”
    “Ok, let’s watch it in slow-motion this time!”

    And so on, and so on. I imagine even more did it with Replay/other DVRs.

    Of course, you’re right…people ARE nuts…but at least this one was understandable.

  • jsciv

    Nah, all the stuff in the Olympics was supposed to happen and was on recap shows forever. The Jackson moment was NOT supposed to happen (officially) and people knew it wouldn’t be replayed. Add to that the number of eyes watching the Superbowl vs. the number of eyes watching any one Olympic event, and it’s really no surprise.