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The Fox comedy series “Arrested Development” garnered three big wins Sunday night at the “The 56th Annual
Primetime Emmy Awards,” including writing and directing wins, which could be all the PAUSE and consideration I need to add it to my personal
list of Season Pass recordings and give it a PLAY.

While “Arrested Development” leaves its current Nielsen mark as No. 108 among all primetime series, I did my research
and it turns out that TiVo subscribers have better than average TV tastes: It’s 51 in our latest list of Season Pass recordings.
(To throw in some TV trivia, “All in the Family,” “Hill Street Blues” and “Cheers” were all Nielsen
underachievers that transformed into legends after an Emmy or two.)

With our beloved Friends departed, it seems the least we can do to vote with our remote for something that’s not more reality TV.
Even Emmy host Garry Shandling shared a
similar sentiment during the live broadcast: “It’s to the point now when a
comes on,” he quipped, “I go,
‘Thank God, professional actors in a story.’”

From Amish to Apprentice,


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Going on Record

TV-industry insiders went on the, er, record to share some of their Now Playing secrets with Wall Street
Journal reporter Alexandra Wolfe (9/10/04). Her investigative reporting uncovered not only what they watch, but what the TiVo service
suggests and what’s been singled out with “Save until I delete” status. A taste, you ask?
Here you go.

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Wondering about the season’s new shows? Here’s a sneak-peek at what’s to come, trailers included. Take a look.



Desparate Housewives

Life As We Know It

Get TiVo Points Here, There, Everywhere!

All is fair in love and war over TiVo Rewards referrals, apparently. My so-called best friend Kristin, who I finally successfully
turned on to TiVo after years of gentle prodding, is now trying to usurp me in her quest for new additions to the entertainment enlightened.
The nerve—if she scores one of these gorgeous TiVo logo-engraved iPods before I do…Meanwhile, Patricia L. from Northville, MI, said that although this
particular incident was pre-TiVo Rewards, she’s “sold” at least three
TiVo boxes just by sharing wise words with those she sees
shopping at electronics stores: “As I saw a lady staring at the stack of TiVo boxes, I said my usual, ‘I just LOVE TiVo!’”
Patricia explains. “The woman asked me why and after explaining all the features, she said she had to go get a cart so she could
get two—one for her hubby and one for her son.” Try it yourself and don’t forget these wallet-sized name-droppers to get your
TiVo Points. If you haven’t already, what on Earth are you waiting for? Register now for TiVo Rewards and start earning TiVo
Points towards a new TiVo® box, exclusive TiVo
merchandise and much more. We want to reward you for sharing your love for the TiVo® service with friends and family! Or, apply for the new TiVo MasterCard® card and get TiVo Points for spending money. Can someone say, “Ka-Ching?” I want this camera, too, darnit!

Nikon: Legends Behind the Lens

This month,
take a visual journey with award-winning photographer, Reed Hoffmann. From TiVo
Central, choose “Music & Photos,” then
“Nikon: Legends Behind the Lens.” A professional photographer for over 25 years, Reed started in studios, then worked at
newspapers and now freelances out of Kansas City. During his newspaper days, he
spent every Sunday exploring the tri-state area in
a van, searching for an image that captivates. As such, Reed brings you a bit of everything-—people, places, things, even
experiences—to inspire and enjoy. For a couchside excursion of your own, simply select the first image in the Hoffmann series
and then choose “Play slide show.”

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thirtysomething minus a decade

Remember Hope and Michael? Seventeen years after making their mark as TV dramatists with “thirtysomething,”
the creators of the series, Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick, are venturing into the world of twentysomethings with “1/4life,” reports
The Hollywood Reporter. Zwick said “1/4life” would probably be
a “spiritual cousin” to their Emmy-winning 1987-91 ABC
drama “thirtysomething,” but also stressed that it would have a distinct look and feel from its forerunner. Having enjoyed “thirtysomething”
as much as I did (and I wasn’t even a twentysomething at the time!), I’ll be sure to give it a go… And dance by the light of the moon (yes, ’twas an insider
nod to my fellow “thirtysomething” fans).

Recommend It!

“The other day, the TiVo
service recorded a suggestion that’s new to me, The Kumars at No. 42,” writes Michael E. “It’s apparently a huge hit in the UK,
and now airs on BBC America. It’s an incredibly hilarious mix of improv, sitcom
and late-night talk show. Celebrity guests come by to visit the
Indian-British Kumar family in their home, have some snacks, and then are whisked to the backyard where a live studio audience waits for the crazy
interview segment.” Michael admits the show is more than just wacky (“The son Sanjeev does the interviews while his other relatives sit
on a couch asking random, inappropriate questions, including how much money the
celebrities make. And Sanjeev’s grandmother is just off-the-wall!”),
he insists The Kumars is a “GREAT show—and just another incredible example
of how well the TiVo service knows me and exactly what I’d like.
Thanks again, TiVo!” Turns out that Sanjeev Bhaskar, who plays son and talk-shot host Sanjeev Kumar, is also the creator of
The Kumars at No. 42. Record The Kumars at No. 42 yourself and you may just open a door to a new breed of television entertainment.
Got an opinion on great TV? Recommend it to your fellow subscribers with a compelling pitch that includes a few reasons why the show is a
standout. We’ll feature a new recommendation every newsletter.

TiVo® Tip: Channeling brand-new shows

It’s primetime for this favorite TiVo tip.
Fall back on a WishListâ„¢ search to catch the brand-new shows as they make their debut this season (you might also catch the very
first episode of an old favorite): Create a keyword WishListâ„¢ search and use the keypad to enter the word PILOT. Narrow down your
search by choosing category “Comedy” or “Drama,” depending on your TV tastes. Or create more than one. Without a
category, you could get lots of documentaries from Discovery Wings, you see. Try PREMIERE or FINALE as a WishList keyword, too. Got a
clever suggestion of your own? Be a TiVo tipster and tell us how YOU use the TiVo service to get what you want.

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You Ask, We Answer

Q. It seems that the clock on our TiVo box is one or two minutes off. As a result, it cuts off
the start or end of certain shows. I can’t find a way to adjust the clock. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jacqueline M.

A. Actually, Jacqueline, the clock on your TiVo box is set every time it connects to the TiVo service. The
time received from the TiVo service is “Official US Time,” adjusted for your time zone and factoring in
daylight savings time automatically. You can find more information about “Official US time” at This time is highly accurate within a second or so, and is the same clock that all TV networks
use. You can always see the current time on your DVR by displaying the channel banner in live TV (just press the RIGHT ARROW on your remote).

Unfortunately, the problem you describe
likely has nothing to do with the TiVo clock. It’s a common practice for some
networks to broadcast their programs slightly before or after the scheduled start time to hold over viewership. Such
changes are haphazard at best and because of this, your TiVo box has no way to anticipate such slight deviations from
the published network schedule. To avoid missing out on the last laugh or next week’s preview, TiVo boxes have a special
feature called Overtime Scheduler so that you can adjust the start and end times for a particular show or Season Pass recording.
Follow the steps in this
article from our Customer Support site to learn how to “pad” a show or Season Pass recording by a minute or two.
You can pad at the time you schedule a single or Season Pass recording, from the To Do List, or even as the show is airing (handy when the big game goes into overtime!).

One note of caution. When you pad a program, it may conflict with other scheduled recordings. For example, if you instruct your
DVR to start recording a 30 minute program 1 minute early and end one minute late, it will make the program 32 minutes long.
If either of those minutes overlap with
another scheduled recording, only the show with the higher priority (in accordance with
your Season Pass Manager) will be recorded.

Remember, you can get help with most of your technical questions by visiting our support website or by sending an e-mail to the TiVo e-mail team. You can also find answers and share know-how in these web-based help forums. For account-related issues, you must use Manage My Account or give us a call.

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TiVo Top 10: Most Recorded Shows

Here are the top 10 Season Pass recordings among TiVo subscribers, based on anonymous, aggregated data, for the week ending 09/19/04.

1. The Apprentice

2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

3. The Sopranos

4. Joey

5. Survivor: Vanuatu, Islands of Fire

6. The West Wing

7. Six Feet Under

8. ER

9. CSI: Miami

10. Will & Grace

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She’s All Thumbs

TiVo service subscriber Megan and her husband say they’ve gotten in the unusual habit of giving
verbal ratings to people or things by imitating the sounds of the Thumbs Upâ„¢ and Thumbs Downâ„¢ buttons on the TiVo
remote—Thumbs Up being “ding-ding-ding” and Thumbs Down being “bong-bong-bong.” For example, Megan might
ask, “What did you think of that casserole?” And her husband might answer, “Well, truthfully, it was bong-bong!
But those brownies…Ding-ding-ding!” (Nothing like being honest in a marriage, eh?) Similarly, another subscriber sent us
this dictionary-perfect version of this TiVo service onomatopoeia:
bing v. to mark something as desirable or good, such as using the Thumbs Upâ„¢ button on a TiVo
remote to signal that the current program is one you favor.

Inspired? Submit a suggestion of your own.

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